From a distance, in this shot, I thought Dakota was wearing a suit-dress that just made some peekaboo decisions on the sides. But once I downloaded it and got to see the larger size, I got hints of the reveal that was to come:

Build Speaker Series, New York, USA - 07 Aug 2019

It’s a whole separate piece — a cropped blazer top, in fact. =Obviously if you’re a person who wants to wear this, you already don’t care about what people can see, but she was going to a seated event and if it were ME I’d be tugging it down all the time because I didn’t want my back hanging out of it while I was trying to talk about… I don’t know, my process, or whatever Why did we need to cut the front of this to look like a four-eyed penguin, anyway? Are economic cutbacks making the construction of full blazers too challenging? Or is that the new three-eyed raven? BRAN STARK, IS THAT YOU?

[Photos: Shutterstock]