I though P W-B was wearing a dress, but I think it’s this top, unbuttoned, with a similar skirt in the same print. WHATEVER it is, I appreciate it. This time of Charming Printed Dress-Like Items has been a balm to my soul, especially after I stopped caring about whether or not they hit me at what I would technically term An Awkward Spot On My Leg. There is, however, not an awkward spot to be seen on anyone in this photo! We’ve got…[checks list]: Cute patterns, good dresses, great lipstick, cute hair.  Great work, ladies, please do carry on.

And speaking of hair, literally this clip of the two of them from season two of Fleabag is what eventually made me watch it, and so it may you. (I can’t embed it here because boring blah blah technical blaaaaah but just trust me.)

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Deadline/Shutterstock]