Isn’t this exciting? Little Bebe Bebe is a perfectly squeezable little noodleface, as we knew he would be, and Mom and Dad look positively blissed out. Hooray for babies! (And also for everyone’s forthcoming commemorative mugs.)

Things we don’t know yet: Little Tiny Noodle Muffintop’s name (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE). I assume they’re staring at him at home, being all like, “Does he look like a Percival? Maybe he looks like a Alastair. Wait, does he look like a Steve?” (I suspect they wanted to tell the Queen his name in person, and they went to see her right after this, so my suspicion is that the name will be emerging shortly.)

[AND INDEED: Heather here with your Baby Suss update. We have a name and a photo of him with his Great Gam-Gam:

And also Doria and Philip, looking tickles. I absolutely assume Archie is after the famous redhead in Riverdale and its comics (hopefully, unlike the one on the show, this one will never be in some kind of idiotic Fight Club in prison that leads to him becoming a teen boxer), and Harrison is because they both really freaking love Indiana Jones, or The Fugitive, or growling at people, “GET OFF MY PLANE.” Do not disabuse me of these notions! Okay, Heather OUT, back to your regularly scheduled Jessica.]

Things I personally didn’t know: That this photo call was going to be happening at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle. They’ve come by to show Baby CuddlesMcGee to the Queen, of course, so it makes sense, but when I heard “a photo call at Windsor,” for some reason I imagined this happening, like, on the lawn? It’s 5:30am here, don’t trust me for anything.

Meghan LOVES a sleeveless trench dress, and this one is quite lovely on her; that neckline is so pretty), while Harry is clearly sporting an inflatable paddling pool and a tea kettle atop his head. This one, initially thought to be Givenchy, is actually by a British brand called Wales Bonner. People has a report on its designer, a woman named Grace Wales Bonner who does mostly (perhaps, prior to this, exclusively) menswear. Per Business of Fashion, “born in Southeast London to a Jamaican father and English mother, Wales Bonner uses her mixed-race heritage as a key reference in her collections.” That makes her a particularly thoughtful choice for Meghan to wear today, certainly, and it’s exciting to see her in an up-and-coming designer for such an iconic moment as well.

And there’s your video of the photocall:

Three cheers for babies!

[Photos: REX/Shutterstock, Domic Lipinski/PA/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Domic Lipinski/PA/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]