We looked at the most-read posts of the summer already, but of course, if I’d included the Royal Family in those, the list would’ve been all Meghan and Kate, all the time. And then I thought, “Well, why not serve up that list, too?” Thanks for the memories, kids.

  1. Tops on the list was this year’s Trooping the Colour, a.k.a. the first time the whole fam showed up together after the wedding. Remember when Charlotte toppled out of her chair (I think) and got upset and Kate had to scoop her up? We got SUCH good toddler face from that. Sweet girl.
  2. Kate looked so relaxed and happy at Prince Louis’s christening. Perhaps it was because she knows the shop is closed and it’s her last time having to coordinate this rodeo, or maybe she just had a gentle recovery from this birth, or she’s just in a very good emotional place, or she finally achieved her goal of owning so many similar cream or lemon or white or WHATEVER McQueen ensembles. Regardless, it was nice, and the noodle is adorable; official pictures came out later, and Prince King Cheeks is superemely and perfectly toothy in them.
  3. We got a really great family polo outing for Kate, with George and Charlotte rolling around and getting in trouble, or getting OTHER people into trouble, or pondering the physics of grass. She was in full Mom Mode, and although we shouldn’t expect differently of people just because they are famous and/or wealthy, it is still very nice to see how strongly you can tell that she’s a hands-on mom. (William’s pants fronted Royals Round-Up that week.)
  4. Meghan’s boat-necked navy Dior at the RAF anniversary was very popular. The kids got to watch from the Palace windows and the photos are fantastic.
  5. It was quite the wedding summer for Duchess Meg: Hot on the heels of her own, she and Harry attended the nuptials of his cousin Celia — at which Meghan wore an Oscar de la Renta I really disliked — and then the union of Harry’s childhood friend Charlie van Straubenzee and his fiancee Daisy. For that one, Meg wore Club Monaco.
  6. Meghan’s outing with the Queen spawned a hundred stories about how they’re deeply close friends, all which I suspect are all fallacious. I’m sure they get along just fine, and equally sure they haven’t seen much of each other since, simply because everyone has stuff to do and cocktails on the lanai to drink.
  7. Catherine and Rachel took in Wimbledon together as well, with the former in a dress and the latter in white pants and stripes. [Edit: To answer to the confusion, “Rachel” was intentional; that is Meghan’s legal first name, and I used it just as a silly, trivia-centric Meghan version of Kate’s more formal Catherine.]
  8. Meghan had a lot of firsts this year, including an appearance AND a trophy presentation at Royal Ascot. She dove in with both feet, and never looked stressed even once. Bless.
  9. AND she got in a brief royal tour when she and Harry went to Ireland. That was the same day as the RAF centennial, and also included large dogs, which you know are going to be Harry’s favorite part of anything.
  10. Y’all were also understandably into Meghan and Harry kissing at polo.

I know it wasn’t technically this summer, but if all this made you want to revisit Meghan’s and Harry’s wedding — or even William’s and Kate’s — then go right ahead. I’ll never tell.