News alert! Kate was not meant to come to this — or, at the very least, the Court Circular announcement about this event did not include her the list of people set to attend, and she’s allegedly still on maternity leave. I sort of thought she might show up because she is Honorary Air Commandant and Patron of the RAF Cadets, and this is the 100th anniversary of the RAF, after all, but I also think Kensington Palace wanted to give her an out in case she was zonked after Prince Louis’s christening yesterday, like if George went berserkers and pushed the Lilly Font through a stained glass window and she just had to take to her bed. But she did NOT take to her bed — or, at the very least, she emerged from it — and hence the very first words out of my mouth this morning were, “KATE SHOWED UP!” as I leapt out of my own bed to write this post for you. Let us discuss — because there is much on the plate! Meghan’s fab hat! Kate’s McQueen obsession! GEORGE!

And because we all love wee videos of events:

Her Majesty, of course, served in World War II, and here she is arriving at Wabby:

PS: We’ll see more of Harry and Meghan later today, because they’re off to Ireland, like….right now.

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