Nicole Byer is, among other things, the host of Netflix’s Nailed It, which  — if you don’t know of it — is a half-hour show in which home bakers are given a fairly short amount of time to complete ambitious baking assignments, with frequently disastrous results. (I’ve only seen one episode of the new second season, but I’m paranoid it will suffer from people having learned too much from season one, and/or trying too hard to be A Memorable Personality Who Bakes Badly, but we’ll soon see.) It’s quite funny, and usually well-cast, and Nicole is a bright spot as a host. It takes a while to get used to her energy, but she has great chemistry with the French chocolatier on the panel with her, and in short order she won me over: She’s a pop of energy in what could be a standard, dry people-watching-other-people-bake situation, and that’s a much harder job than you realize until you stumble upon someone doing it badly. I can’t really watch a lot of the Food Network baking shows, but doesn’t the dude from Mean Girls host one of them? I tried to watch his show and it was agonizing, but Nicole just feels light and bright. Which is an easy segue into this outfit, which checks all those boxes. It’s cute and it’s summery. Do I wish the shirt tucked in, rather than being cropped? Maybe. Do I revile this tiny-sunglasses trend? Yes. But do I think she looks adorable and comfortable and like we should meet on a park bench for some ice cream before deciding to relocate to a hotel bar that will serve us cocktails the size of our faces? Yes, absolutely.

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