In which Kate wears a very complicated hat, a flyover is delighted in, and Savannah Phillips assumes her rightful role as eldest cousin:

We’ve also got a short little video of the day, which is very amusing when all the kidlets tromp onto the balcony. They seem both DELIGHTED to be there but also it looks like herding cats:

I love all the shots and footage of the balcony, because it feels like you are getting a peek into everyone’s actual life behavior, rather than just Wave-y Wave-y Happy Carriage. And you also get a rather better look at some of the other outfits there. (Sophie. We need to talk.)

Please settle in and join me for a convo about charming children, giant hats, various ensembles, the evil of chairs, and mysterious random Windsors.

ALSO! I just saw this on Instagram and ran back inside to edit this post and share:

I need to know more about this hallway!

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