Welcome to the weekend, friends.

We wrote a piece for Cosmo honoring Kate Spade, and what her legacy meant for us personally.

News broke today that Anthony Bourdain died by suicide in France, which is absolutely awful news. Bon Appetit had a wonderful piece rounding up reactions from so many people who loved him. Usually those sorts of articles feel half-assed, but for some reason, this one was so lovely.

Bon Appetit also re-ran a great essay Bourdain himself wrote about, as they put it, “about his childhood, his memories of his father, and raising his own daughter.”

And, at the New Yorker, this is great, from Helen Rosner: Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth

This is the part in this links post where I make a big tonal change, and turn to other subjects, like who people are secretly banging, and wallpaper, and the many stories of this world — all of which are topics I do think that both Kate Spade and Bourdain would be interested in discussing, to be honest. Like, at Lainey, continued SPECULATION about the Emma Stone/Justin Theroux Question. (You also want to see her outfit here, which we couldn’t get for some reason. I like it despite myself?)

ALSO at Lainey, Jennifer Lawrence has a new boyfriend.

This was very funny, at Elle: How to Get a Summer Scammer Look, Without Actually Scamming Anyone

At Collectors Weekly: The Great Wallpaper Rebellion: Defending Flamboyance in a World of White Walls

This is a super interesting Long Read: Tax-Free Storage Wars. Let me share with you its lede: “On September 17, 2014, the art world’s upper crust convened in Luxembourg City to fête Le Freeport, a warehouse where the ultra-rich hoard paintings, cars, jewelry, wine, and other luxuries in duty-free comfort. Waiters in red uniforms dodged oversize bouquets of white lilies to pass around trays of champagne, and an orchestra played an overture written especially for the occasion before an audience that included the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and top executives at Deloitte.”

Vaguely related, at Stylist: Why auction house Sotheby’s is getting rid of its ‘art girl’ models

This was a great reflection, at the LA Times: The assassination of Robert Kennedy, as told 50 years later

Well worth your time, at Vanity Fair: “Crack Whores” and “Jelly Bellies”: A Former N.F.L. Cheerleader Reveals the Bullying and Body-Shaming Off the Field

At Pajiba: For The Love Of Rudd: On Paul Rudd’s Significant Charms

At Broadly: Every Outfit Cate Blanchett Wore in ‘Ocean’s 8′ Made Me Gayer

DELIGHTFUL, at Atlas Obscura: Meet the Boosters Celebrating the World’s Best Bollards

At Shondaland: 10 People Reflect on Disney’s ‘Mulan’ in Honor of Its 20th Anniversary

At Revelist, a topic near and dear: 12 influencers show you the coolest sunglasses to buy this summer . I want like a LOT of them, but NEVER those tiny ones. The whole point of sunglasses is to cover A LOT of your face! I NEED THEM TO COVER MY EYE BAGS.

Celebitchy asks a good question: The trailer for ‘A Star Is Born’ is actually good, what are its Oscar chances?

This will be fun for a very specific group of people to argue about, at Vulture, and it must have been an epic journey to write it: All 41 Broadway Theaters, Ranked. (It’s also very funny.)

This is a super interesting piece about MAPS! at the New York Public Library’s blog.

Good news, from The Atlantic: Tiki Bars Are Back!

Racked did a great package this week about size — women’s bodies, the plus size clothing industry, so-called “inclusive sizing” — and I recommend all of it. I really enjoyed this piece, a round-table discussion of the “public conversation about size — and what’s still missing from it”. It’s really good. (All the articles in this package are linked in the side bar of this piece, as well.)

I expect you to ace this, at Vulture: Who Said It: Philip and Elizabeth From The Americans or Philip and Elizabeth From The Crown?

Wonderful, at the New York Times: Bill Cunningham’s Unseen Scrapbooks