It’s Labor Day here in the U.S.; throw in an extra “u” and you’ve got one in Canada, too. So we’re taking the day. I wish I could say I’m using it for profound personal reflection, but I am resolutely not; still, no reason we can’t all look back on The Summer That Was, from a content standpoint. Excluding all the royals posts — which I’ll put up later — here are the ten that intrigued you the most this summer:

  1. The wedding of Jon Snow and Ygritte captivated so many of you that it was our top posts of the summer, excluding any coverage of Harry & Meghan & William & Kate, although I suppose you could argue that they are a kind of royalty all their own. (It was also a rare Saturday post, and perhaps on that date a lot of you were lying by the pool reading your phones. No judgment; only envy.)
  2. I don’t know which you enjoyed more: Emma Stone’s Elle cover, or collectively bewailing the trend of celebrities interviewing other celebrities, an approach that has diminishing returns that were paltry to begin with; here, it was Jennifer Lawrence taking the figurative mic.
  3. This sleepy Camila Cabello Cosmo cover also got a lot of clicks, and is letting me be alliterative.
  4. It was, indeed, a summer in which people enjoyed discussing magazines. You were also all intrigued by this Ariana Grande UK Vogue cover, her first substantive interview and emergence since Manchester, and on which she was nearly unrecognizable. It also pipped the following month’s Elle at the post, which had to have irritated them, but too bad. That spread wasn’t as good, either.
  5. All of the Crazy Rich Asians coverage killed, from Constance Wu and Gemma Chan at the premiere, to the other gaggle of gowns and celebs, to the afterparty, to the early junkets — and of course also including Henry Golding.
  6. Ocean’s Eight also piqued everyone’s curiosity this summer, beginning with their big group outing at the premiere, and carrying through to the UK debut.
  7. The inclusion of “I Did Not Recognize Tatiana Maslany” made me laugh. Not many comments, but people did seem startled enough to click.
  8. Kylie Jenner’s birthday festivities drew you in, partly because I think a lot of you were surprised the whole Krew didn’t look worse.
  9. And of COURSE y’all were nuts for Emma Thompson and Hayley Atwell being goofballs.
  10. Paris Jackson! What Are You Wearing?!?” is truly an evergreen question.