Happy long weekend, my fellow Americans! I plan to lie down for several days in a row.

Do you need some new fall floral frocks? PROBABLY. We picked some out for you.

We had a great chat earlier this week about the best places to buy cute plus-sized clothes online.

Speaking of clothes, look at all these cute stripes at — where else?! — The Stripe.

At Shondaland: 20 Years of Serena Williams Style. I LOVE Serena AND Venus and I am going to be emotionally torn throughout their match today.

Roxane Gay is required reading, as always, at the New York Times: Louis C.K. and Men Who Think Justice Takes as Long as They Want It To

This is so good, at Esquire:  Inside the Delightfully Quirky, Absolutely Fabulous and Utterly Exhausting World of Cruise Performers.

I love how bored Lainey is by Chris Pratt’s new romance.

This is a great slideshow, at The Cut: 43 Insanely Well-Dressed People Explain Their Afropunk Outfits

Ruth Finley, the (literal) keeper of New York’s fashion calendar, died this week. In her honor, Vogue re-ran an absolutely fascinating and delightful interview with her. I sat next to her at an event once and talked to her about these logistics the whole time, and I could have talked to her for HOURS. She was great.

Also at Lainey, seeing all these celebs on vacation is giving me HOLIDAY ENVY.

Robin Givhan reports at the Washington Post: ‘You can be unapologetically black’: How Miss Black America has endured 50 years

GQ explains: Here’s How J.Crew Is Going to Win You Back

At Celebitchy: Daryl Hannah and Neil Young had a ‘small, intimate’ wedding on a yacht.  How did I not even know they were dating?!

At Pajiba: Enough With Actors Singing Badly in Films: Bring Back Dubbing

At The Mary Sue, you NEED to read this, if you haven’t already. IT’S A WHIRLWIND OF CRAZY: Things We Saw Today: Viral Facebook Post About a Canceled Wedding Is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Read