Hello friends! Some of you saw the slideshow for this post when I inadvertently published it yesterday; congrats, you saw a unicorn! That slideshow got eaten when we switched servers and I had to recreate it from scratch this morning! Enjoy take two!

The good news — for royal watchers, not me — is that the royals have definitely started crawling back to work this week and ergo we have much to discuss. If you missed it earlier, Harry and Meghan came out this week for a benefit performance of Hamilton (and there are more pics from that in today’s post), and half of Kate went to Church with the Queen. Harry and Meghan have TWO events on the docket next week, too, so we’re really cooking with gas again, as they say.

Elsewhere of potential interest:

At The Telegraph: Why Princess Marina was the Royal family’s original style icon

Did you see these pics of Harry’s dorm room at Eton? [Marie Claire]

Apparently, Meghan was in Canada last week, hanging out with the Mulroneys. [Town & Country]

Order of Splendor has a great piece about how Meghan and Harry’s wedding outfits are going on display. 

And, on social media:

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