In fairness, you can barely see Kate here, but I am nothing if not a completist. What if she wears this when she picks up King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima from the airport when they come to visit in October, and we’re all like, “god, the top half of that look is so familiar. I know I’ve seen it! WHERE HAVE I SEEN IT?!” This way, I’ll be able to link to this post and say, “she wore it to church with the Queen while everyone was stuck in Balmoral this August!” and we’ll all be like, “right right right right right.”

Anyway, it looks reasonable, with the caveat that I presume she’s not wearing a lap blanket as a skirt and she’s actually got clothes on under there:

Kate Duchess of Cambridge Middleton Church Balmoral

I’ve decided the clothes in question are leather pants. AND YOU CAN’T PROVE OTHERWISE.

[Photos:  Peter Jolly/REX/Shutterstock]