Camila here was the Fifth Harmony singer who flew the coop, and she’s now opening up for Taylor Swift, so: safe to say she’s having a good year. Being on Cosmo must be a thrill, even with inane cover lines stamped all over you. Seriously, “You Might Wet Your Bikini Laughing”? I can’t. Real talk: Grown adults thinking it’s adorable to use “pee my pants” or “pee myself” or any similar thing to describe being amused — or scared, or stoked — sets my teeth on edge, particularly when put in writing. I can’t help it. We all have our pet peeves, and that one makes me scream. Also, while we’re being picky, can we discuss that “bliss-maxing” is so awkward? Besides which, if you’re going with B sounds for all the words, shouldn’t the headline be “Bliss-Boosting Bedroom Breakthrough”?

Ahem. Back to Camila: Though a denim boob ruffle would not be my top choice of garment, she’s young and it’s summer and she looks perfectly cute — and aimed squarely at Cosmo’s demo — in that outfit. What I can’t decide is whether she looks sleepy. I think she does, and a lot of it is in her eyes — but the bizarre fainting-couch hand doesn’t help. I certainly understand getting the vapors AFTER seeing all that cramped cover text squeezing in around her, because it’s making ME itchy and I’m not even claustrophobic, but obviously none of that had happened at the point of taking this photo, so… Was it hot on set? Had someone just shown her a photo of Chadwick Boseman in basically ANY of his suits, and she had to try and catch herself mid-swoon? Was she brushing hair away from her face and they just decided that the whole mannequin-arm look of it was rad? I’m puzzled. She is the cover girl; she should be looking a bit more alive. Or, electrified, if you will.

[Photo: Cosmo]