I had to start by drawing your attention to the above little face. LOOK AT THAT CHILD. HE IS A NOODLE. (He also has never looked more like Michael Middleton, I think, as you’ll see below in the Whole Family Snap.)

As is now their wont, the Cambridges released all these pics on their social media yesterday in one fell swoop. They’re lovely, and also I’m excited to get a look at Chaz and Cams’s garden. SPOILER: IT HAS TREES. And shrubberies. Not that you will be eyeballing them very much in this next photo, which is the new one that W&K released this morning, because IT’S MUFFINFACE TIME:

That is doubling down on the Michael Middleton resemblance, I think, and plus it is just adorable. I assume Louis is delightedly watching Harry throw George in the air while Charlotte frowns, calculating the exact probability of her older brother getting caught in a tree, and dividing it by whether she would mind very much if he had to live up there in that tree forever.

One of you commented on the post about the christening that Kate’s facial expression throughout the day was basically, “I LOVE MY BABY!”, and this seems to have continued into the photo shoot. It is very sweet to me. She seems VERY happy in her wild Tudor headband with her thoughtful-looking Baby The Third. (He, on the other hand, seems EXTREMELY BORED of this entire exercise, and there is nothing I appreciate more than a baby already overtaken by ennui. JUST WAIT, KID.)


WILLS: This whole thing is working out pretty well, if I do say so myself! I ALSO love my baby.

CHARLOTTE: I love my baby, also, and also I find him extremely fascinating. Extremely. I have so many questions that no one will answer about him.


Enter Meghan!

The above photo is a treat. George’s face! It’s like Wills just told him they’ve got a pile of candy waiting for him if this goes well. Charlotte is holding the baby’s hand, which is terrible cute and also reinforces my theory that she’s pretty sure he is her baby. Harry and Meghan look great, of course, and also, the best thing of all, possibly, is that painting of the Queen lurking behind them. So you’re not gonna come to this one, Your Majesty? Fine, fine. WE HAVE OUR WAYS OF INVOLVING YOU ANYWAY. (I assume they made Camilla hold up a bunch of money in the first few snaps before they realized they could just use a painting.)

And, finally, the entire group shot:

Leaving aside the fact that I feel like they could have cropped out a lot of the extraneous curtain in this shot: George is also SO CUTE in this one that I can barely stand it, and he looks so much like his Middleton Grandfather! Harry looks very handsome! Carole’s hat finally gets to take center stage! And James Matthews is like, “Wait. I GET TO BE IN THIS? AWESOME! I’m just gonna lurk over here by this plant!”