Jessica Simpson was attending Beautycon to promote a new makeup brush line, Beauty Fiend, although she does also still sell her Hair Do line of hair extensions (I think) in addition to being a billionaire shoe baron. And her outfit is fine; I’m sure she was comfortable, and if she had to sit at a panel presentation in front of an audience, all her bits and pieces would be ably covered. But… here is my question: If you are at a beauty event, and you are someone who hopes shoppers will spend real dollars on your hair and makeup products, would you not want your hair and makeup looking stellar? To me Jessica’s face looks messy — her blush, presumably applied with the brushes she’s hawking, seems clumsy — and her extensions look like pure My Little Pony. I don’t get it. Be your best advertisement, Jessica, not your worst one.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]