Kate got two days in a row in the royal box, this time bringing Wills as her plus-one, ostensibly because he is too heartbroken about the World Cup final to even acknowledge that it’s happening without England in it. As a contrast to yesterday’s airy Jenny Packham, today Kate went very sleek in a marigold Dolce & Gabbana, which (at $1050!) seems to be sold out now after there being some limited availability this morning — though it’s an older 2017 style, so that might account for part of it. I didn’t see her shoes, but it’s safe to assume they are clear five-inch platform booties with “LOVE U HARRY KANE” scrawled on the bridge. (Okay, fine, it’s more likely they’re beige and match the handbag, which is the same D&G she carried yesterday.) And Wills looks very handsome in his usual aloha shirt with a giant photo of Jon Snow on the back.

This is a nice, bright dress, likely taking a page from the Queen’s book of making that for the price of their tickets people can clearly see you even from far away. Overall, she looks fabulous. The color is beautiful on her; she should wear more of it. I do hope she got it on clearance, because it’s one of those designer frocks that is so simple, you can’t imagine it couldn’t have been done about as well by, say, Hobbs or Boden for a tenth of the price. But it’s easy for me to say that, as I do not have a job where anyone cares how I look, and indeed am writing this post from bed in an Outer Banks t-shirt with a skull and crossbones on the front. It was $15, it’s cotton, and it’s a re-wear.

(Apparently there is some Internet blah-blah about whether Kate is inspired by or copying Meghan’s yellow from over a week ago, which I think is bonkers. It’s a different shade and cut; it screams Kate to me, more than Meghan, besides which there are only so many spots on the color wheel. At SOME POINT two women who know each other, or are related, are going to feel like wearing a color from the same general area within a week or two of each other. I don’t get why it has to mean one of them is copying, or influenced by, or trying to one-up the other. COME ON, Internet. Maybe Kate just wanted to pay homage to the tennis balls, y’all.)

From social media: Wills and Kate chatted with Djoker after he won, and the commentator steps all over our eavesdropping for part of it, but then stops long enough for us to hear Novak ask about their kids and Wills to crack a joke about them picking up a tennis racket:

I assume George, in fact, HAS grabbed one at home and is using it to bounce a priceless vase against a wall.

Here’s some laughing:

This is a nice one:

The love is still strong with these two, it seems. Bless. Go for four, you kids! Charlotte needs a sassy lady lab tech.

[Photos: James Gourley/BPI/REX/Shutterstock, Javier Garcia/BPI/REX/Shutterstock]