Well, this color is fantastic on her. The dress is Brandon Maxwell — this is the first time Meghan has worn a male designer since the wedding; I was beginning to wonder how long that streak of female designers would go (the answer, I decided, was indefinitely) — and, reader, I like it. Yes, yes, I know you all thought I was going to complain about the shoes and I don’t love them, but! I also get why you’d go this neutral with this frock. The other option, to my mind, is a pattern like, maybe these? or something like this — but I don’t think these don’t work, if that makes sense. Regardless: It’s the dead of summer, and a sleeveless yellow shift seems like a very good option, frankly. Also, could use any more italics in this post? All questions to ponder.

[Photo: Yui Mok/AP/REX/Shutterstock]