K. Cav here has a new show premiering on E! on Sunday, and I just want to say that if she didn’t live in Nashville, I would be arguing that she would make WAY more sense as an addition to the Real Housewives franchise than she does as a person responsible for carrying her own show — and I say that as someone who actually loved her on The Hills and Laguna Beach; she makes a great antagonist. But a great antagonist needs a sympathetic protagonist, even on a reality show, and I’m not sure it if makes sense for her to be turning herself into the Lauren when she’s already the Kristin. HAVING SAID THAT: I appreciate her commitment to a color story, both these looks are cute (I have a J.Crew blazer similar to her plaid one and I just noticed that it’s on BIG SALE in limited sizes), and I would buy a subscription to her leg workout. So maybe we’re even!