Unbelievable though it may seem, time is marching on, and other events have already risen up and assumed (some of) the space in our collective consciousness currently occupied by all things Meghan and Harry. All the coverage is, or soon will be, dropping off people’s homepages, and we will slowly forget that we did an entire post just about scenic pictures. That’s where this guide comes in: Much as we did for William and Kate’s marvelous nuptials, this is your bookmarkable source for the wedding content we published on GFY, and a few things we wrote elsewhere.

We wrote an article for Cosmo about what it was like for us to attend the wedding in person, which you might enjoy. Further, our Instagram stories from being wedding-adjacent live on: Drop by our @fuggirls profile page and, under Highlights, click on the Royal Wedding circle and tap to your heart’s content to see everything from Friday and Saturday in Windsor.

Here on GFY:

In the runup to the wedding:

We hope you enjoyed celebrating this whole hootenanny as much as we did, and now we can all look forward to retrospective posts every May 19. Because we WILL want to re-live the eye-banging. Oh yes. We will. (And don’t be TOO sad about missing Meghan & Harry; they have an engagement at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.)