This is the first time Doria Ragland has spent any time in the public eye, and what a way to start: Dropping your daughter off on the Windsor Castle grounds and walking into St. George’s Chapel alone, sitting by herself, watching her only child marry a prince people love so much that revelers outside had on “I Want To Marry Harry” t-shirts. And she handled it all with bottomless grace.

Indeed, if the Thomas Markle and Samantha Markle Grant brouhahas have taught us anything, it’s that Doria Ragland is the real deal. She has said nothing. She has called no attention to herself. She has been a complete vault, a model of discreet behavior, and the fact that she’s the only family member who has met Harry — This Past Week of WTFery removed Thomas from the equation — to me speaks volumes about both her and her daughter. People want to focus on why Harry never flew down to meet Thomas at any point, but what matters more to me is the other side of that: He does know Doria, and loves her, and has clearly spent time with her, which means he is likely taking his cues from his now-wife. Doria is clearly the one Meghan holds dear, and trusts and relies upon above all else, and I hope she was able to enjoy herself today. She certainly did herself and her daughter proud.

[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock]