If this looks familiar, it’s because Kate wore this McQueen coat to both Princess Charlotte’s christening, and to the Centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele. She’s also worn a hat very similar to this before — I thought it was this same hat that she wore to Zara’s wedding, but I think it’s just a hat that LOOKS like that hat but is in fact a new hat. You know Kate likes to buy the same thing over and over again. My theory about the re-wear is that she didn’t want to steal any of Meghan’s thunder and ergo went super under the radar, but I wonder if she should have bought something new and boring to prevent people from trying to read too much into it (there is a school of thought — not one that I personally share, by the way — that her not getting a new dress was disrespectful. [She also seemed sort of checked out at the ceremony, that I saw [we were on the Long Walk and I need to do a closer re-watch of my DVR’ed ceremony].) Maybe Kate secretly HATES WEDDINGS.) Let’s discuss.

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