a) Can I interest you in two squirmy royal babies and a McQueen coatdress on a Sunday morning? I THOUGHT SO.

b) If you’re interested in Charlotte’s godparents, People of course has the whole scoop. Essentially, it’s two cousins (a Spencer [basically] and a Middleton) and the other four are Kate and Wills’s actual close friends. (Not to insinuate that they’re not actually close with their cousins — I assume they are — but just that they didn’t choose, like, Posh Old Person We Don’t Really Know But Have To Honor For Boring Royal Reasons for the other spots.)

c) George looks SUPER Traditional Royal Baby, in a new outfit that’s a match to the one Wills wore to meet Harry when he was born, which is really sweet. It’s certainly a nice shout-out to Uncle Harry, who is in Africa at the moment but I assume the Queen held up her iPhone the entire time so he could Facetime the ceremony while he ate dinner. Kate is REALLY into Vintage Baby Outfits and Meaningful Clothes for People, which makes sense given that she’s got an Art History degree, but which I also think is really smart. It’s also interesting, which frankly is basically all I care about it. (PS: If you want to revisit George’s christening, that post is here and Harry IS there. You know. If you miss him, or whatever.

d) Obviously, Charlotte is in a re-wear. (PS: Mario Testino is taking the Official Family Photos, probably as I type; we’ll definitely post them once they’re released.) To the church!

PS: The Telegraph has video of the walk to and from the church, that you will probably want to watch. (George, at one point, makes a run for it.)

[Photos: Getty]