Yes, it’s only Thursday! We are kicking off early this week in honor of the 4th of July holiday here in the United States (and also because half of the world’s celebs are currently on a boat and out of camera range right now, thanks to said holiday). However! I will be covering Princess Charlotte’s christening on Sunday, so swing by this weekend if you get a spare sec. Until then:

– If you are looking for something to read this long holiday weekend, and you haven’t read THE ROYAL WE yet, here is a gentle suggestion that you take it to the beach/pool/BBQ/silent retreat/family reunion this weekend!

– Rumor has it that Sean Penn has moved along to….Minka Kelly. Interesting. (Lainey)

Lainey’s also, of course, all over the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner divorce. I, on the other hand, am already trying to figure out who each of them should date next. Obviously, we all want Bffleck back with J Lo, for the gossip and the spray tans. I might want J Gar to hook up with Chris Evans. If I can’t have him…

– Grantland’s tennis coverage is grand, and this piece about Federer is no exception: “Ask what it means, in a sports culture whose obsession with legacy and dominance verges on the psychotic, for the greatest player in tennis’s history to have spent half of his career as a kind of Nike-blazered Prospero — still special, still magical, but from his old role atop the game, banished..”

– Watch Channing Tatum vogueing (and other classic dances, all in 30 seconds). DO IT! (Vanity Fair)

Us Weekly’s 25 Things You Don’t Know this week is Mariah Carey and IT’S AMAZING. To wit: “2. I have an extreme aversion to overhead lighting.”

– Also amazing, in a totally opposite way, from The Guardian, is Kazuo Ishiguro’s essay about how he wrote Remains of the Day. IN FOUR WEEKS. This is old — it ran in December — but someone just send it to me and it’s well worth a look.

– You want to look at pictures of Chris Evans. (Socialite Life)

– Please tell me one of you is going to make this Cake Stuffed With Pie for the holiday weekend. (Thrillist)

– The New York Times looks back at Donna Karan’s career upon her retirement.

– Pajiba’s headline on this story wholly echoes my thoughts: Unless We’re All Being Pranked, Paul Thomas Anderson Is Making a Live Action ‘Pinocchio’ Starring Robert Downey Jr. Like…what?


– The AV Club is right: A supercut of people in movies giving the middle finger is surprisingly satisfying.

Bon Appetit tells us how to have a better lunch at our desks.

– Huge thanks to A Design So Vast for naming The Royal We one of the best books she’s read so far this year.

– Girls of a Certain Age just wants you to win some caftans!

– I enjoy this Yahoo Travel piece about Secret Travel Uses For Common Accessories. (Has auto-play video.) I LOVE travel hacks.

– Here’s your Weekly Hiddletstone. (Celebitchy)