Happy Royal Wedding Day — and how lovely did Meghan look in Roland Mouret, arriving at Cliveden House on Friday. As you read this, Heather and I are in Windsor for this wedding! How much are we going to see? I HAVE NO IDEA. (Follow us on Instagram, for all the up-to-the-minute stuff. So far, it’s been awesome.) Obviously, we’ll be back at some point to write up Meghan and Harry and Kate and Wills and all the rest of the guests, at length, so make sure to check back for all our actual detailed coverage — but it seems unfair not to have an open post so everyone can discuss while we’re flarging about Windsor. So, have at it!

A few notes:

  • You might get caught in moderation! Someone will rescue you as soon as we can; obviously, Heather and I are not in front of our laptops, but we will do our best to fish you out! Please do not become alarmed if this happens to you!
  • If you’ve got the TV on at 7am British time/11pm Pacific/2am Eastern, you might see me and H opinionating on CNN, so flip over at some point if you want to see whatever the heck we ended up wearing!

And now…on to the guests, the vows, the kids, the groom, and the dress! (And apparently the holy sacrament of marriage, or whatever.)

[Photo:  REX/Shutterstock ]