Because this event was — appropriately!! — well locked down, most of this is content that I’ve pulled from various celebrity Instagrams. Which, let’s face it, are often more revealing of the person than a press shot anyway, so this should be entertaning. (And, of course, if you missed it, the bride and groom looked SPECTACULAR.)

I, of course, will begin with the Greatest of All Time, Ms Serena Williams. We already saw her look from the actual wedding, but I’m including this because I am obsessed with her extremely perfect baby:

Seeing us off. Flying baby style! @olympiaohanian

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Speaking of extremely perfect, however, her reception gown is Valentino and it is AMAZING:

I love the giant chess set in the distance, too — I decided that, after the luncheon but before the party, when most people were taking naps, Serena demolished Alexis in an impromptu match.

For the same party at Frogmore, Priyanka Chopra wore Dior, and it’s honestly gorgeous. I like it one million percent more than the suit she wore to the wedding:

@priyankachopra x @dior #styledbymimicuttrell

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Also, is that Cliveden House? Because it is MARKEDLY HIDEOUS, obviously. Look at this wretched set-up:

How miserable I’d be there. If only someone would let me stay there at great length, for free, to convince me otherwise.

Troian Bellasario and Patrick J Adams did not post from the reception (maybe they weren’t invited to the later party, maybe they’re just still sleeping in, as it apparently went on until 7am), but this was cute:

Freeloaders #royalwedding

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That has to be post-ceremony, pre-luncheon, because that picture is from inside the castle walls; that’s the internal courtyard. (You can see it on the Windsor Castle tour, which I HIGHLY recommend, by the way.) In fact, Patrick J. Adams has been Instagramming the heck out of this wedding trip, which is kinda delightful.

In the world of Other People Who Were On Suits, Rick Hoffman has video of all the guests milling about back there in the castle and it’s great in that Behind The Scenes, Hey There’s Carey Mulligan kind of way. You can also really see how AMAZING the weather was.

Out of a dream

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Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht had fun (as ONE WOULD HOPE):

(Sarah Rafferty didn’t post anything after the wedding itself, and Gina Torres is not on Instagram. Having said that, do you think Laurence Fishburne was at home on Saturday morning, all wishing he’d managed to stay married to Gina for ONE MORE YEAR, so as to snag a royal wedding invite?)

We also FINALLY got a pic of Janina Gavanker’s gown from the wedding, with all kinds of pertinent deets and random people milling behind her, like James Corden, who I admittedly forgot in the post about the guests. SORRY, JAMES:

I think this looks pretty amazing. I also have some thoughts about her caption, namely: I am surprised no one was willing to dress her for a royal wedding, but also I think most people who are not super A-listers probably went out and bought a dress for this the way the rest of us would, anyway. Like, Gina Torres’s dress is this season, she probably owns that rather than was loaned it. REGARDLESS: This all worked out of the best for Janina, because this look is rad.

Oprah’s post made me giggle:

Nacho Figueras posted a look at the party invites on his Instagram story, which is also conveniently an ad for Polo Ralph Lauren (of which he is correctly the face):


And, finally, a few other wedding bits and bobs. Kensington Palace released the sketch of Meghan’s wedding gown (I love the sketch of it; she should frame this and hang it in her dressing room):

Hello’s Emily Nash saw the post-party fireworks over Frogmore on her way home:

And everything should end with cake:

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