Who Fugged It More (Or Less): Evan vs Zoe vs Camilla

SPOILER: The Camilla in question is not Ms. Parker-Bowles, which is terribly sad now that I’ve sat here and thought about how AWESOME it would be if she had the same taste in clothes as Marilyn Manson’s ex and the blue girl in Avatar. And NOW I’m sitting here thinking about ¬†how much more I might have liked Avatar if Camilla Parker-Bowles had been in it. Dear James Cameron: You’re still prepping that sequel, right? It’s never too late.

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  1. AliceBlue

    I actually like the Great Gatsby-1920′s vibe of Evan’s dress and hair (although I agree said hair does nothing for her).

  2. pinkcheese

    Evan has obviously decided to leave the 1940s to Dita, and set her time machine dial straight back to 1926. But for the lack of hose, she’s got the look nailed; to bad it makes her look like she bonked her head on a backdrop and wandered off the For Whom the Bell Tolls set…

  3. LilaRose

    Evan looks like she’s trying to be Tallulah from Bugsy Malone a little, don’t you think?

    • LoriK

      Yes. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who saw that. (I loved that movie when I was a kid but I don’t think it’s a good choice for style guidance for an adult.)

  4. Lizzy

    I liked Evan’s version of the dress better than Camilla’s but Evan bulldozed her way in to I’m WEARING A COSTUME territory and made it awful. So I had to go with Camilla, who looks classy in a beautiful dress, even if there is some hip weirdness.

  5. Dazie

    I actually like Camilla’s best EXCEPT for the weird white parts. Without them she’s got it nailed.

  6. Jacquilynne

    I am so confused about the liking of Zoe’s dress. It makes her look like she’s pregnant and wearing football pads, all at the same time.

    Which is, I suppose, at least different than the other two, who simply look completely rectangular.

    • Mooshki

      Thank you! That bagginess is awful!

      • ChristopherD

        Yes thank you Zoe is not rockin’ the Flapper (it looks bobble skirt-ish on her, not a good look for anyone, but Miss Zoe could wear a P-sack and still be beautiful.)

        Camilla has a Sh*t hot dress but is not BUILT like a flapper, her hips are to big and someone made her dress fitted.

        Respectfully Heather you are flat out wrong. Evan is rockin’ the flapper look perfectly (you may not LIKE it – but this is HOW you wear this outfit.)

  7. Kristen from MA

    LOVED that movie as a kid! :D

  8. vandalfan

    Zoe gets the shoe points. Can I put Evan’s dress on Zoe? Evan’s dress is the best of a not-quite-there lot, but her hair and makeup are, as Lizzy says, wearing a costume. The last one is all wrong with the addition of white. And where are the Thoroughly Modern Millie beads? None of them can do “The Tapioca” without those.

    • Leah

      Vandalfan, you took the words right out of my keyboard. I think Evan’s dress is lovely, but she’s not selling it the way Zoe could. And Zoe’s shoes are wonderful.

  9. gryt

    The Camilla person gets Worst by default for doing that crosslegged thing. Go peepee before the event, fool.

  10. Nancy

    I love Camilla’s and Zoe’s is OK. Don’t like Evan’s.

  11. AndersonicTK421

    Evan FTW!

    Even if I do believe she’s making a bid to the producers of “Boardwalk Empire” for the part of Gretchen Mol’s younger sister – a.k.a. The Sensible Aunt Who Talks Jimmy Down.

    Sidebar for the uninitiated: consider the possibility of casting Evan as “the sensible one” a clear indication of how unhinged Gretchen’s character is.

  12. Anne B

    I like all these dresses, but Zoe’s look is the only one I seriously want for myself. She’s just selling the hell out of that, right down to her toes.

    And while I am in favor of EVR’s dress, her styling is a bit too on-the-nose (unless this is a week ago and she’s in costume). It’s like what would happen if January Jones showed up on the red-carpet present in her Betty Draper hair and pastels.

    The past is great, hon. But can’t we keep this party in the 21st century?

  13. Carolina Girl

    I dislike each dress equally, but what did it for me was the shoes. Zoe’s shoes are great and they make her legs look extra fantastic. Camilla, likewise, has beautiful legs, but they look a little over-bronzed. Evan’s shoes, on the other hand, make her legs look stumpy (which they are not), and that is NEVER a good thing.

  14. amys

    I am officially coveting Zoe’s shoes. Holy crow those are gorgeous.

  15. Lina

    Okay, I adore the 1920s, sartorially-speaking, so this Gucci collection works for me quite well, as does ERW’s finger-curled hairstyle. I think she looks adorable and I love the dress. Camilla’s dress isn’t bad — but it would be a thousand times better if all the white stripes were replaced with another color, because they totally are adding inches to her hips, and the way the whole effect creates an arrow up her midline freaks me out a little. Her hair, too, isn’t quite right for the dress; however, the hem length and gold fringe are really working for me. Zoe’s is the best, of course, and her styling is perfect. Those shoes! The balance of the heavy black shoulders with simple soft hair! She’s a course in How To Do It Right. ♥

  16. witjunkie

    Camilla wins for the neckline…so flattering. It’s a bit much but she has the strong features to handle a strong design like that. Overall I think she looks very pretty and I don’t often think that about her.

  17. bimbels

    But my first question was, did they really wear these dresses to the same event? If so, how embarrassing.

    • Hel

      It seems that they did since the background is the same and says “LACMA”. Maybe there was a theme or something because they are three unusual dresses and for them to wear them at the same event???

  18. nannyo

    Evan looks like she is in costume. Zoe’s doesn’t seem to fit right. Camilla’s is creating a little width at the hips but the neckline is so perfect. Sexy but not obnoxious. So, Camilla wins.

  19. Blanche

    I don’t understand what a people who admire giant floppy black elephant ears for shoulders
    have against flapper costumes. Too subtle?

  20. Bevvie Hedstrom

    “Frigging Zoe Saldana”, FTMFW.

  21. Kit

    I like Evan’s dress the best, but the shoes don’t go, and hair makes it look too much like a costume. It’s overdone. The dress is really, really good though.

  22. Sarah L.

    I like Zoe’s, especially because the fringe is there, but contained, so it doesn’t look as costume-y. I think Camilla’s dress looks like a hairy Autobots symbol, and like the sheer weight of the fringe is pulling it down off her chest. Plus the hair really isn’t working for me. And I agree with pretty much everyone on here about ERW’s — if you’re going to wear a period costume as a real outfit, modernize the rest of your look.

  23. Donna

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Camilla smile. Does she smile? Has anyone ever seen her do that? It’s gotten to the point where that’s all I think of when I see her.

  24. CJ

    Zoe Saldana is perfection.

    Love Evan’s dress, but her makeup and hair were I think too severe. If she had softened it up, she would run a really close second.

  25. sarky

    Camilla has a face that says she’s the sibling who had to wear the dress the other two didn’t want. Zoe is all smirking happy ‘cos she got the dress, the shoes aaaaand the hair she was gunning for. The other person is probably the eldest of the sisters ‘cos she got a notso greatso dress, but she’s gonna darn well do her best…

  26. fritanga

    Evan, you are NOT a real flapper. Camilla, what is up with the poofy hair?

    Zoe, you are perfection.

  27. Maia

    I actually performed at this event (at LACMA in LA) and saw Evan Rachel Wood and Camilla Belle in person. For what it’s worth, Camilla looked STUNNING. I didn’t notice the funky white geometry around the hip part of the dress like I do by looking at the photo.

    My other favorite dress was Amy Adams’. Emily Blunt looked gorgeous but mainly I enjoyed watching her canoodling with her cute husband (aka Jim from “Office”)

  28. Sajorina

    I LOVE EVAN’S WHOLE OUTFIT!!! She just looks GORGEOUS! I don’t like Zoe’s dress, but I covet her shoes! And, Camilla’s dress is cute, but it’s too much dress for her and her shoes are so pretty!

  29. ChaChaHeels

    Evan is so obviously the perfect flapper girl–the problem is, the dress just ends up being a costume.

    But the worst thing about this is that three women were lent 3 somewhat identical dresses by Gucci. That store should be filled with bouquets of black roses and shame this morning. Since when is it okay for everyone to wear what is basically the same dress to the same event? I thought people in these boutiques were paid big money to ensure that never happened.

  30. TTBelle

    I like Evan’s dress best but did she have to go all out flapper? It looks like a Halloween costume. I guess that’s just the way she dresses, always in costume. It would be nice to see some modern touches with the hair/makeup/accessories. She doesn’t seem to have much personal style; instead she works looks others have done before.

  31. TonyG

    I agree with those who pointed out the wonky fit on Zoe’s dress. Even though it widens her hips, I kind of like the Aztec/Native American vibe of Camilla’s dress, but I see I am part of a very, very small minority on this one. LOL.

  32. Jules

    Evan’s is a straight up flapper costume. But she did it right.
    Zoe’s is a modern take. I like her look, I think it says “2011.”
    Camillas’ kinda native american, and also looks more like a costume than clothes.