SPOILER: The Camilla in question is not Ms. Parker-Bowles, which is terribly sad now that I’ve sat here and thought about how AWESOME it would be if she had the same taste in clothes as Marilyn Manson’s ex and the blue girl in Avatar. And NOW I’m sitting here thinking about  how much more I might have liked Avatar if Camilla Parker-Bowles had been in it. Dear James Cameron: You’re still prepping that sequel, right? It’s never too late.

Whose do you like best?

  • Evan's (23%, 2,341 Votes)
  • Zoe's (61%, 6,284 Votes)
  • Camilla's (12%, 1,249 Votes)
  • Let me restyle a few of them and then I'll tell you (4%, 446 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,321

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And which do you like least?

  • Evan's (38%, 3,107 Votes)
  • Zoe's (10%, 787 Votes)
  • Camilla's (52%, 4,285 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,179

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