Well Played, Viola Davis


This pleases the court.

A zig-zag like that has the potential to chop up a body and do it an unkindness, but Viola is wearing it beautifully, with a cool bracelet, great earrings, a deep plum lip, and her innate awesomeness. How apt that “Ender’s Game” anagrams to “dream genes.”

[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (22):

  1. Maria L.

    Oooooh, she is looking fine!

    Great colors and great dress on her.

  2. Ariail King

    Loooove this dress. She looks,perfect

  3. Other Emily

    Super foxy. She looks tremendous. I love that lipstick on her.

  4. Kristen from MA

    She is made of awesome.

  5. BrownEyedBetty

    I love a Woman of Color who loves color. She is Beautiful and it shines out of her eyes.

  6. HelenBackAgain

    Perfection! It’s a delightful dress, reminiscent of the original Colorforms, yet elegant thanks to the cut, and Davis wears things SO WELL.

    Also love the bracelet, echoing the shapes in the dress. She can really pull off that burgundy lipstick, too!

  7. jerkygirl

    She always looks so effortlessly good. Very pretty and stylish lady. That dress is a total win.

  8.  TaraMisu


  9. Lisa

    Wow, a grown up dressed like a grown up. She looks great. You can look sexy and not like you are trying to be 20 or 25.

  10. Bella

    Wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful.

  11. ceecee

    She always looks great. I would go to her yard sale, if I lived in LA and lost 20 pounds.

  12. Lizzy


  13. Sandra

    She should give lessons. I would sign up.

  14. Vi

    Perfection! I only dream of looking this effortlessly beautiful.

  15. Anna Svahn

    She looks tremendous but please, please moisturize her knees, someone!

    • BrownEyedBetty

      and perhaps her upper arms..??

      • Courtenay Paris

        I think her moisturizer must have shimmer and the camera flash makes it look like that.

    • Maretha2

      I don’t think she’s ashy — it’s that she (or her stylist team) use too much body shimmer. It probably looks fine in person, but the shimmer reflects the flash bulbs and makes her look ashy in photos. If you look through a photo history of her you’ll see it frequently. It’s the only off note in what is otherwise perfection.

      Love her hair and makeup here.

      •  Elizabeth

        Thanks for clarifying! I was wondering why her face and arms seemed to be different colors.

  16. deee

    I don’t think I have ever said this on GFY but this is a dress that I totally love and I actually have a good chance of being able to pull it off. I want it.

  17. Sajorina

    Best anagram EVER!