First, can we talk about how they’re bringing the (now officially) retired Johnny Weir to Sochi to do commentary? This could bode excellently for my enjoyment level of the Winter Olympics. If I can’t have Dick Button puncturing the dopey non-commentary with cranky opinions, I hope Johnny will at least dose us with some honesty. While also sticking it to the political situation over there.

And that brings us to probable Sochi Olympian Lindsey Vonn, who is making the rounds right now:

That is a terrible sweater. The whole outfit is certainly daytime casual, but it’s also terribly dull, and I seriously think — in addition to being the enemy of hips everywhere — that the top looks like it’s breaking out into meth acne.

She dressed up a bit more to visit Letterman:

Same shoes, I think, and… a better dress? I mean, it IS better, for sure. It’s not PERFECT — the flashes are being handsy with her — but it’s trying, and it’s not unflattering, and at least she gets to show off her skiing gams. Sigh. Another sport that my quads wish I had tried to master, alongside… basically all the other ones. But I still think if her endorsements aren’t covering the cost of a stylist, she should hit up her boyfriend Tiger Woods for a loan. Then again, he might steer her toward someone who sticks her in red shirts and black pants every Sunday, which isn’t going to work either.

[Photos: WENN, Getty]