Well Played, Mischa Barton


Mischa Barton’s new stylist has come roaring back out of the jaws of defeat.

She looks pretty good. She might even look great, except for how I don’t love dresses that are designed to look like you can’t keep them up. Still: clean, healthy, sparkly… She has washed Fug Madness 2011 right out of her hair. It’s a week-after-tax-day miracle.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Gigi

    Whoa! That’s our frumpy, dumpy Mischa? Well done, girl.

  2. CW

    Wait, really? Other pictures that I saw of this showed that her makeup was slathered on and she didn’t look great. I dunno about this one, guys…

  3. Ailatan

    This is not good, it’s maybe OK. It needs a lot more work and a lot less makeup shotgun.

  4. MoxyCrimeFighter

    The more I look at this, the more I see problems: her makeup might be crazy, also not wild about the slipping-down-shoulder, the shoes are all wrong, and the combo of shoes and over-sized jewelry with the sparkly dress is stumbling into Real Housewives territory. HOWEVER: her hair looks healthy, clean, kempt, and is a pretty color, her boobs are lookin’ fab, the dress is flattering and would be great with better accessorizing, and my initial reaction was “Dang, girl!” instead of “Oh, Mischa” as it’s been for umpteen years. So I’m going to stick with “Dang, girl!”

  5. LoriK

    Are we 100% sure that this was designed to look like it’s falling off, as opposed to that simply being a styling choice? I ask because there seems to be some weirdness going on with the hem on that side.

  6. melanie

    Does she have to pee? And why so much makeup?

  7. Jacq

    I don’t like her makeup, but that’s a cute dress.

    • Kara

      Exactly. The heavy eye makeup is all wrong but the dress is pretty, and she looks clean. A vast improvement.

  8. Leah

    the shoes are SO BAD with this. It looks like she stepped in dog diarrhea.

  9. GFY Heather

    I agree the makeup is questionable, potentially? Compared to her past, though, I am very pleased. I guarantee you if I’d outright fugged this, all the comments would have been the opposite: “But she’s so much better!”

  10. Lina

    um, no. All I see is novice Vegas callgirl. But what is up with her hem behind her left leg, where’s it’s apparently falling out of where it’s taped up inside the dress? TACKY.

    • Edith

      Agree about the hem. Is it supposed to be asymetrical? And if so, WHY? It looks cheap, as if it were shoddily made and falling apart. And the makeup and shoes are awful. AND YET – it’s still a vast improvement, and her body looks great, so go Mischa!

  11. Carolina Girl

    I find it really hard to believe that a woman who has been blessed with such natural beauty finds it so hard to look good. There are plenty of not-quite-as-attractive women who somehow manage to pull it together before they leave the house.
    Granted, this is a lot better than her usual, but she still has a long way to go.

  12. Helen

    Really like the dress, shoes, and bag, and they’re certainly a huge step up for her. But, as others have noted, the makeup artist did her no favors. All I can see is this ultra-white upper lip and I’m sure it only gets worse closer up.

  13. LG

    Holy rack! Who knew Mischa had such great tits?

  14. lefty

    LOL at a play on Chrismukkah Miracle. Well played.

  15. Shiitake

    Better and better.

  16. Anika

    Whatever problems there might be, I want that dress. Period.

  17. vandalfan

    Lina said it for me- since when is dressing like a prostitute in a hurry fashionable? The Jools I covet, and the shoes are pretty little art deco things that would go with a modest flapper style costume. But too much slap by half, and Mom’s handbag does not all all go with this effort at boobified slinkyness.

  18. ceecee

    Sorry, Fug Girls, but you must be as drunk as she looks. This is a Well-Played only if you are grading on a steep curve.

  19. Kelly

    I disagree. Not liking this. Her make up looks like a child did it while she was helping someone out babysitting. Wrong shoes. And the dress…the design of it is pretty weird. How it is to look like it hangs off and then the hem line looks tattered. It’s almost like she survived an attack in this dress! haha Happy to see her hair clean though!!

  20. PB

    She looks a bit like the dead girl from The Sixth Sense. Oh, wait . . . . She IS the dead girl from The Sixth Sense.

  21. Paz

    I have to ask if you saw her on the Joan/Melissa Rivers + Kelli Osborne fashion show where she was debuting her new accessories line? I think you should. They totally call her out on several choices throughout the year.

  22. Hannakin

    Ew, and no. This is at best a ‘Better’ Played, definitely not a well played. Get it together, girl!

  23. kay

    you know, i get how in relation to her normal clothes this is well played, but she still looks weird. her hair is kind of just not styled, the dress looks odd, i feel like there’s something off with her accessories, and I don’t know what’s going on with her makeup. It’s just not quite right

  24. Kris M

    That is some serious leg crossing…

  25. Anne At Large

    Snazzy dress and great hair. Crazy styling otherwise, wtf is up with the necklace and who stole Homer’s makeup gun?

  26. Sajorina

    WHOA! She looks AMAZING!!! She’s young, gorgeous & sexy… I think this, except for the fact that she needs some lipstick, is AWESOME and FAB! Well played, indeed, Mischa! I love that dress! COVET!

  27. Girlin

    Her make-up isn’t nice and her dress is a bit sparkly and falling off for my tastes BUT…I agree with the majority of my fellow commenters…it is a vast improvement on 2011… MB really rates her style very highly btw..anyone see her on fashion police where she put on that really affected accent every time she said ‘moyyyyyy haaaaandbaaaaaag loyne’??? Hilarious!

  28. www.tipsonshoppings.

    very nice style and leg crossing is amazing

  29. Werml

    1. Who?
    2. Nice Rack. Nice dress
    3. Make up by Luigi the Bricklayer? Perhaps Luigi should talk to Princess Charlene….

  30. Heidi

    If you took her purse away I would have thought this was a shot of the auto show floor model who’s been unable to take a bathroom break all evening… just sayin

  31. CJ

    Personally, I think you can dress somebody well no matter their size or shape, but when someone gains weight, they often don’t know how to dress to flatter their new body, and self-consciousness about their weight gain or about covering up a particular body part leads the thinking when they get dressed. It also influences how they stand and present themselves overall. I think this is what happened with Ms. Barton when she put on weight.

    Well, she has obviously lost some weight and seems more confident. She is standing up straight, and her stance with crossed legs and arm akimbo tells me that she is happy to show her body. The dress is a bit Vegas show girl on the town and the hem makes it look a bit cheap, but overall, it is flattering on her figure. The makeup, though, looks juvenile and tacky and way overdone. She also doesn’t need all of the jewelry. It really takes away from the outfit.

    And, the shoes. How many outfits have we seen ruined by bad shoe choices? And, I’m not even talking about hoof shoes. I’m talking about not getting a color that works or picking something too clunky, or choosing something that stumpifies you. Every woman who dresses up often (and certainly every starlet or wannabe starlet) should have in her arsenal a pair of heels that matches her skin tone and a pair of metallic, light, strappy heels that disappear from a distance. When you can’t find the right shoe to match or complement your outfit, you pick one of these (depending on the occasion) and you’re done!

  32. Ms.A

    She def got that dress out of a drag queens closet. I kind of like it. HATE THE SHOES THOUGH. Barf.

  33. Softwear

    This is…not good. She looks not good. She looks like the girls we all worried about in our 20s.

  34. Poppy

    So generic. If you cropped her head off the photo, she could be anyone and everyone in Hollywood in the last ten years. I think I preferred crazy Mischa, at least she was interesting.

  35. Veronica

    I think her eye makeup is a tad too heavy, but otherwise, I have to admit she looks really good.

  36. Betty

    It would have been better had it ended just at the knee. Plus her makeup is questionable.

  37. Rubee

    The ‘well played factor here’ might be coming from the fact that there is no cameltoe in sight and that her curves and rack are nicely exposed, instead of just been hinted through her usual frumpy outfits. On the other hand, she looks like an aged ‘working girl’, the kind that inevitably ODs or gets murdered in CSI episodes.