This is the part where I note that, even after looking at both IMDb and her Wikipedia page, I am no closer to understanding who Camilla Belle is (aside from 10,000 B.C. Girl, or The Girl Who Dated Joe Jonas But Broke Up With Him Before They Had A Majestically Eyebrowed Baby, OR The Girl Who, Speaking of Majestic Babies, Is Apparently About To Play The Virgin Mary In Something).

This is not a knock on Camilla; more a compliment to her people, who get her invited everywhere, and snag her a bunch of really expensive clothes. Way to go, people. I hope they have a name. Hell’s Belles. The Belleouts. Or… I’ve Got A Fever And The Prescription Is More CowBelle. ANYWAY.

This is just… not working for me. It’s dowdy. It looks like a net full of seaweed. And there’s this weird dark area around where her thighs are crossing and I don’t know if I’m seeing through her dress or if the way she’s standing is creasing the lining and giving her polterwang, but it’s really chafing my furrow. The Belleions did not do their best work this time. On the plus side, though, whoever’s grooming her eyebrows deserves a raise, and she should share.