Well Played, Mischa Barton


Hold on to your hats and glasses, as they say at Disneyland, because this might just blow them right off:

Mischa Barton, the surprise Cinderella Story of this year’s Fug Madness — if going far in a competition designed to figure out who was the fugliest celeb of the year can BE a Cinderella Story — looks kinda great. The dress will not win any design competitions, but it’s pretty, it’s flattering, it fits her, it’s 100% appropriate for the event, and she doesn’t look like she just got dragged backward through a hedge in it.  Her face doesn’t look crazy, and her hair is…on her head. I CALL THIS VICTORY.

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  1. JRD

    Wow. Not only does she look fantastic, but she’s gained a few pounds since her OC days…it looks GREAT on her. Well played indeed!

  2. Neil

    Strangest thing just now….I could SWEAR my computer showed “Well played, Mischa Barton”. *smacking head with palm of hand*

  3. Sherri

    If you had not TOLD me that was Misha Barton, I would not have KNOWN it! Where are the tragic baggie-yet-camel-toe-revealing shorts? The someone-slapped-her hair? The well meaning but ultimately done-in-the-dark pattern mismatching?

    I mean, this is splendiferous in comparison. If she can maintain this for a few months, it would certainly not be a shameful thing.

    Are you CERTAIN this isn’t a clone or a pod person or a very clever impersonator?

  4. fae

    I’m sorry, but I disagree entirely. Her makeup looks like it was put on yesterday to me, and I could start pregnancy rumors with the way it’s bunched in the front, and the way it moves over her hips. She does get points for it fitting for once, though.

  5. anne p.

    She looked GREAT … also in close-up … And there was so much ick on that RC, she should get bonus points! I have but the tiniest quibble with the hair color/s (see also: Emma Roberts, et al.), but here it’s completely immaterial.

  6. Anne B

    Awww! Her manicure matches her evening bag. :)

    Fab for that, and for Mischa’s surprised (and genuine) smile. Progress!

  7. jenelope

    I like it! I would have gone with a lighter eye, but that’s me and I don’t usually attend big, glamorous evening events. One thing I especially like is her nail polish. It goes well with her clutch, and I like the juxtaposition of gorgeous jewels, lovely gown and funky nail polish.

  8. Sandra

    She. Is. Smiling. Automatic win for the Countess of Tragic.

  9. Jeanie

    She looks great(for her)!

  10. The Other Molly

    That must be Mischa’s “non-mental” twin sister.
    Either that or once having won Fug Madness, she figured she had nowhere to go but up.

  11. Alison

    I also disagree. She looks a lot like Arianna Huffington in this picture. And if Arianna Huffington were wearing this dress, she would most definitely deserve a well played. However, while Arianna is a lovely woman, she is 36 years older than Mischa Barton. When a 25 year old wears a dress that is TOO OLD for her and ages her by decades (yes, the makeup is doing her no favors, but the dress is just too old for her), she should not get a well played as she is still engaging in fugly shenanigans.

  12. NoSauce

    Wow. I thought this was a photo of some 40ish b list celeb who has come back into the spot light! Even when I read it was Mischa, I did a double take and am still sort of like – Are You Sure??? She looks tired, and like 20 years older than she is. She looks rode hard and put away wet. She looks like she needs to go to a spa for a month and detox and come back with a new stylist!

    Just because her outfit isn’t totally heinous, doesn’t mean it is great either!


  13. classy&fabulous

    what is wrong with her FACCCEE

  14. aa

    “Her face doesn’t look crazy” …well then where am i looking?

  15. aa

    that being said, yes good for her for choosing a dress that’s not ugly.

  16. Mary

    @Alison: agreed.

  17. Candy

    If this was on almost anyone else, it would be SUCH a fug. I guess it’s a comparative fab. And her face does look crazy. But her hair is okay & I like her bracelets.

  18. Ben

    Leeeet’s go right ahead and rectify this immediately. A post on this, please? http://dlisted.com/2011/05/20/where-in-the-hell-kind-of-gd-outfit

  19. Nina

    Clutch the pearls! Did I just read “Well-played Mischa Barton”?!?

    Well, I have to agree. Mostly. She looks really old in the face and that dye job is killing me softly, but considering what she usually wears, this IS a well-played for her.

  20. Kerry

    I agree with everything everyone has said, even though it seems most people have differing opinions. :) I do see the pregnancy-rumor-inducing pooch in the stomach area, and the way-too-much-eye shadow. However, it’s MISCHA BARTON, people! If that’s the worst we can come up with, that’s most definitely a WELL PLAYED.

  21. The Other Molly

    Oh thank you Ben.
    For a moment, I thought I had nothing further to look forward to.

  22. Peony

    Okay you all, now go see the outfit she’s wearing on dlisted. Right. Now. You won’t be disappointed in the massive fug.

  23. Sajorina

    She looks great! I’m always rooting for her to do better! Good for Mischa… WIN!

  24. The Other Katherine

    Oh, honey, YES. Well, I could quibble with the hair, but I’m not going too.

    She was so beautiful and fresh with those big doe eyes when she appeared on Once and Again (a decade ago) as that high school student Evan Rachel Wood’s character was interested in. Her face still looks like she’s had a painful life since then, but it’s nice to see a little of her natural beauty again. Please keep getting well, sweetie.

  25. vandalfan

    Ohmygoodness no. Look at the roots, the pregnancy rumor inducing bump, the matronly color and cut, even on Mischa, it’s not good.

  26. ok

    This is not good. The only reason that this got a “well played” is because it’s Mischa Barton, and that lowers the bar to “barely hovering above the ground.”

  27. Jess Goodwin

    Maybe “Way-Better-Than-Usual-But-Still-Really-Fugly-Played” just wouldn’t fit in the subject line.

  28. Beth

    That clutch is actually really cute, too.

  29. Lina

    Please please please let a stylist be responsible for this. Please please please let MB continue to employ him/her!

    Yay baby steps!! \o/

  30. jean

    How old is she again? It’s okay, but there’s no hint of youthfulness in it. Isn’t she in her mid-twenties?

  31. LYNN

    she’s morphing into Kirstie Alley!!

  32. bencyjack

    i just love Mischa barton. There is nobody else like her. she is the complete package. absolutely gorgeous and seems such a lovely person. I love her dress Collection. Some designer have great talent like Rocky S, Amrapali, And with help of them all personalities looks beautiful and Gorgeous!!

  33. Zoe

    Anything that isn’t shorts that go up to her armpits, or are made out of trout or something, is a step up.

  34. katy

    she looks like a 60 years old lady!!!!!!…….or like…..Kevin’s bacon wife…..cant remember her name!