Hey guys,

I think it’s safe to say, that of all the book giveaways we’ve done in the past — and the ones we’ve got planned for the rest of the summer, which are awesome — THIS is the one we’re MOST excited about. Because we’re giving away THREE autographed copies of our new YA novel, Spoiled, which will be in bookstores and Targets and Sam’s Clubs near you on June 1, and on an Internet near you via Amazon right now.

Thanks to the awesome folks at OPI, each winner — in addition to an autographed copy of the book — will get three bottles of OPI nail polish: Holy Pink Pagoda! (which is the closest match to the pink on the book cover), Yodel Me On Your Cell (an awesome blue, similar to the eye shadow here on the cover, and apropos considering how much everyone uses cell phones in the book), and a classic red, I’m Not Really A Waitress, which we imagine would be a Brooke Berlin favorite. Who’s Brooke Berlin? You can read an excerpt of the first two chapters of Spoiled and find out.  In fact, you can find out more about the book — and about where you’ll be able to meet us in person for signings and whatnot — at the Web-site we’ve set up for Spoiled, and of course, by keeping an eye on GFY. (So far, we’ll be appearing at the Barnes and Noble at the Santa Monica Promenade on June 5, Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara on June 7, Vroman’s in Pasadena on June 11, and the Union Square Macy’s in San Francisco on June 16! Can’t wait to meet you all!)

So, what’s the contest?

Instead of doing the usual caption contest, we decided to do something a little different this time around. We’ve written a riddle, which, if solved correctly, will lead you to a post in our GFY archives. Once you solve the riddle, E-MAIL the name of the post and the date on which it was published to spoiledbook[at]gmail[dot]com (not our usual email address). All correct answers will go into a random draw to pick the winners! The contest runs from right now, through 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, May 24 (to give everyone plenty of time to figure it out), and the winners will be notified at some point on Wednesday.

Here’s the riddle:

This entry is older but not from year one

It’s not very nasty; in fact it’s quite fun.

The subject? An old fave who’s just what we need

looking better than worse, a rare thing indeed.

The entry endorses something used for disguises.

ID which it is, and cross your fingers for PRIZES.

It’s like the Triwizard Tournament, except easier, and less potentially fatal. Go forth and play!