Well Played, Florence Welch


I think I enjoy this on our girl Flo:

It’s artsy an interesting and shiny, and very her without also making her look like a cult leader. I haven’t watched Reign yet, and I’m not sure when exactly that is going to happen, but I do look at this photo and wish that they’d add Florence Welch as one of Mary’s minstrels. SURELY that girl needs someone walking around behind her strumming an anachronistic musical instrument, singing advice to her about boys and how to cope when people you know are executed.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. gayle

    I think she looks great, this dress is just perfect for her in my opinion.

  2. qwertygirl

    This is the perfect example of buying Just the Right Dress for You. On anyone else I would hate this, but this dress IS HER. Nicely done.

  3.  Sarah

    Florence looks great! This is a perfect look for her without going too crazy.

    And on another note, as soon as you mentioned Reign I realized WHY HAVE Y’ALL NOT BEEN DOING FUG THE SHOW RECAPS FOR IT?! It is literally a perfect candidate! Anachronistic headbands! Pretty dresses (and pretty people!) It’s all of Fug Nation’s favorite things.

  4.  JessicaAZ

    This is so good on her!

    Oh, you would SO love Reign! The clothes are pretty and pretty out there – I think I read somewhere that the ladies gowns are from thrift shops and then altered to “look” like 16th century garb (not even close). But the story is soapy and fun and I am totally addicted! I agree with Sarah, it’s totally right up your alley.

    • Jessica

      I feel like the notes on Reign are all the same though, namely, “Why are you wearing something from Anthro? Also, that hair is anachronistic.”

      I say this as someone who is three weeks behind, mind you.

      • Amy

        “Why are you wearing something from Anthro? Also, that hair is anachronistic.” – This has been my reaction to every episode of Reign so far. My bff loves the show, so I agreed to watch it, but the weirdly modern clothes and names (Greer! Kenner!) make it very difficult to take the story even the slightest bit seriously.

        • Bee Rachael Greenberg

          Yes! It is so weird! The ladies in waiting are called Lola, Greer, Aylee, and Kenna. What, did the producers troll modern American baby name books or something? And Kenna–every time I see her, I crack up laughing. I can pretty much guarantee that no one in 1500s-era Scotland/France had ombre hair and a faux tan. Also, why the hell do they all have the same accent?!

          Fug Girls, if you can start recapping that insanity, that would be awesome sauce.

        • Victoria

          Oh ugh. Modern names? You lost me, I won’t be watching it.

    •  JessicaAZ

      Oh, and Megan Follows…Anne herself!!!

      • Heather

        I would very much like to try covering it, but I can’t — I have the three-show swing of Nashville, Scandal, and Carrie Diaries. If it gets renewed, maybe I’ll try and catch up.

        •  Sarah

          If you guys ever get time, it would be great :) Even if the dresses are all more or less the same, the plot is good yet soapy/melodramatic enough for that beloved snark.

  5. erinandpet

    This is beautiful. Definitely the right dress on the right girl. It reminds me of a Gustav Klimt painting.

  6. pc

    I love this. I think she’s just leading a different cult here, like some kind of nerdy steam-punky cult. Like maybe those long arrow tabs at the bottom lift up to reveal tiny cannons.

  7. jackie

    guess I am not drinking the same kool aid as you gals, because not only is this really ugly, she looks EXACTLY like a cult leader. (beautiful girl, hate her clothes)

  8.  Miranda

    I like the dress, but I am tired of Heidi braids. They just feel so juvenile to me.

  9. Margot Liggett Nack

    I love it. Between the dress, the hair, and the moasic-y floor, she looks like a Klimt painting. Gorgeous.

  10. nmlhats


  11.  HelenBackAgain

    For Florence, I love the dress. It’s sort of… Quirky Dowager, which is kind of her thing, and, despite her youth, she has the natural authority to wear it without being worn by it. Great colors for her, too.

    However, I do quarrel with the style clash of those desperately ordinary shoes, and truly dislike the hairstyle.

  12. blueislegrrl

    This isn’t related to Florence who looks pretty great, but it features Tilda Swinton so had to share anyway.

  13. Bottle Ginger

    I like it, I really like it!

    Of course I’d like it a lot more if it weren’t all beige and black. Imagine if it were made in subtle blue-grays, or light dusty roses. Some color that actually flatters her. Gawd I’m sick of beige, it doesn’t flatter anyone.

  14. Elle

    Sister wife on anniversary. Unfortunate.

  15. Vi

    Flo, you are an absolute treat!

  16. Sajorina

    LOVE THIS! And “Reign” rules!