Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about the rest of our American readers, but I am buried under recipes for stuffing. While I try to decide what to serve with the turkey on Thursday, please enjoy the following:

– Of course Helena Bonham Carter wore a top hat out with the kids this week. I would be disappointed by anything else. (Lainey)

– Speaking of hats, The Cut counts down the 50 most remarkable hats in history. (The Cut)

Watch Aarol Paul and Bryan Cranston read the final pages of the Breaking Bad finale for the first time. I love you, Aaron Paul. (Gawker)

– The trailer for the new season of Girls is out and I have thoughts. (a) In the first section, Hannah is wearing a dress from the Gap which I also own and it doesn’t look great on either one of us. (b) Lena’s hair looks very cute. (c) ANDREW RANNELLS!!!!!!! I am thrilled by his return. (Refinery29)

– This is awesome. Seven Streakers (of sporting events) Share Their Stories. We had streakers at graduation one year when I was in high school (all upper school students were forced to attend graduation; this happened my freshman year, and considering that I attended an all girls school, seeing three teenage dudes streak was….well, basically the best thing ever). (Extra Mustard)

– Have you seen Channing Tatum recreating Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famous splits on the set of 22 Jump Street? Channing Tatum is truly a gift to us all. (Pajiba)

– Over at Girls of a Certain Age, we’re all discussing the Worst (Clothing) Purchase We Ever Made. (Girls of a Certain Age)

– This Hollywood Reporter story about the Biebs is just making me laugh. Celebitchy has highlights, and they include: “What I represent is positivity and brightness and lightness and amazingness. ” Okay, Biebs. (Celebitchy)

Vulture is celebrating all things 1998 this week, including Dave Holmes reflecting on MTV. To wit: “People come up and talk to me about my screechy-voiced Wanna Be a VJ rival Jesse Camp literally every single day. If I were on fire, I’d like to think that people would hose me off before they asked me what Jesse was like in real life, but my experience suggests they’d probably do both simultaneously. So I’ll answer your most popular question: Yes, Jesse Camp was really like that all the time. And I mean all the time. ” (Vulture)

– Additionally, this week’s Quote Quiz is Seinfeld and I am embarrassed to say that I only got 11/12 correct. (Vulture)