Well Played, Fergie/WTF Josh Duhamel

Considering how wacky Fergie’s been looking lately, this feels like a victory:

There truly is no better time to go out wearing what looks like the skin of a gold lamé reptile than New Year’s Eve and I am absolutely not being sarcastic about that: This dress is really fun. I think it’s actually totally mirrored, but the reflections of everything around her makes the mirrored tiles seem like they’re different, varying colors. It’s groovy. Looking less groovy….

A) Is that a leather blazer?

B) This was taken on New Year’s Eve, dude. You’re not supposed to look this kinda skangy and rough until New Year’s DAY. Get with the program!

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  1. Jamie

    1) Her dress is perfect for NYE and hair looks fantastic, which makes a huge difference.
    2) I still wouldn’t throw him out of bed.

  2. Sandra

    That dress IS a total win. I also thought “metallic crocodile” when I saw it, but like you said, if you can’t wear your party clothes on New Year’s Eve, there’s no point in having them.

  3. llism

    I adore that dress–she looks great. He looks greasy and sour, like he had a fried chicken and beer fest last night and then slept in his clothes.

  4. ortenzia

    the shoes look like they’re silverware-torture-items but the dress is great – alligatory and discoey. her face and hair also look amazing. go fergie.

    @jamie – agree. still hot.

  5. Crystal

    It reminds me of the Gold Amex card dress the Priscilla Queen of the Desert people wore to the Oscars….in a good way!

  6. vandalfan

    Love her, but he can tuck in his stupid shirt for starters. The hair and unshaven jaw say he was just released two days early for good behavior.

  7. Michelle

    I had no idea Fergie was so tiny. Not a lot of people could pull off that disco ball dress, but she looks terrific…just super, super short.

    • Kris M

      I know! She looks miniature in that picture, is that a trick of the camera?

    • Jules

      I was thinking the same thing — she’s in heels, too! Is it perspective, or has she always been in miniature?

      • schadenfreudelicious

        i think Fergie is teenytiny and hubby Josh is close to 6’4″

      • Eden

        Fergie is almost 5’2″ and he is almost 6’4″. So yes, she’s tiny and compared to him, she’s extra tiny :)

  8. Jacquilynne

    That dress couldn’t be more New Years Eve if you tied a rope around it and dropped it in Times Square.

    Arguably, that makes it a little on the nose, but who cares? It’s awesome.

  9. Jess

    Did anyone see Fergie as a host during Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve? Her mannerisms were bizarre. Almost like a compilation of poses for a photographer, mixed with reading from a teleprompter. It made me uncomfortable.

    • annie

      Completely agree Jess. We couldn’t decide if she was 1) on something; 2)just incredibly immature and uncomfortable being herself in front of an audience; or 3) there was a problem with the teleprompter. We finally decided that it didn’t matter, not easy to watch.

    • Nancy

      Agree with Jess and annie. I only watched for a few minutes but there was definitely many things weird about her (aside from looking like a tranny-that is her norm).

  10. Maria L.

    Is her dress from the Home Depot line? Because it looks like some DYI tile work to me.

  11. Willow

    she kind of looks like the bottom of a swimming pool, but a very expensive swimming pool.

  12. MelissaW

    Wow, I never realized she was tiny! (or perhaps Josh is very tall?) Either way, agreed on both points, but I’d never kick him outta bed!

  13. yeahandalso

    I like that in the first pic it really, really looks like she has a fascinator on LOL The dress is fun and it looks like she’s having fun in it! And I don’t think he looks too bad, just needs to shave a tuck (wait, when did this turn into drag race?)

    I’ve had a fondness for them since my friend Nate told me that he delivered them room service and Josh answered the door in just a towel and Nate was completely speechless and slack-jawed but apparently they were pretty nice about it LOL

  14. Tessa

    How have I live this long without a metallic crocodile dress? It’s the peanut butter and chocolate of fabric!

  15. Cranky Old Batt

    That dress rules! And Fergs pulls it off perfectly.

    Dude looks like a total skank.

  16. Maura

    Duhamel is indeed cute, but I’ve never considered whether I’d kick him out of bed. His post-2-week-bender-in-Vegas look isn’t changing my mind one bit. Fergie, however, is fabulous. I love that dress. And look at the length! She’s almost, dare I say it, demure.

  17. Bambi Anne Dear


  18. Marvelous A

    I’m not sure that’s leather. There’s that DIY madness for “waxed” canvas, denim, and other cotton fabrics lately… maybe it’s something along those lines, or a very tight weave of something slick like rayon that makes it look glossy? Good leather would give enough to allow him to actually lift his shoulder. Curious.

    I’m more upset by the fit of his pants, and while he’s attractive, whenever I see his gaping nostrils I think of the green pigs from Angry Birds.

  19. megan

    love that dress!

  20. G

    Fergie looks gorgeous but what’s with that woman in sausage curls next to her? Besides a comb, she should look into nylons to warm up those poor, sad, goose-bumped blue legs.

    • Squirrel!

      I was thinking something similar. As much as I can’t stand Fergie, she does look great here. My eye was drawn to the Sara Gilbert-ish woman with the cold, cold legs. Nylons? Don’t think they’d be enough. Black tights — or leggings, as the dress is more like a tunic — would hide the fugliness of the booties AND warm her legs.

  21. Sajorina

    I enjoy the dress, which is fun and perfect for the occasion! Plus, the styling is great, so FAB!!! Josh may look rough, but still hot as hell!

  22. Alexis

    good god those shoes of hers look so uncomfortable

  23. Caity Rose

    I’m just glad she’s blonde again. The dark hair just never, ever worked for her.

  24. Caroleena Stantonova

    Oh, what the fug?! They look tooky fabu!

  25. exquisite red

    I love this look on her! But I especially love her expression in the second one. I feel like she’s thinking, “I look THIS good, and he can’t even bother to shave or tuck in his shirt? Maybe if I sloooooowly back away…”

  26. Alison

    The shoes are a little too much. They visually shorten her legs.

  27. Jen S 2.0

    I ought to be very meh on the dress, but she is pulling it off with a vengeance, and it makes her already-impressive figure look PARTICULARLY insane. Like, wow.

    Also, her hair is helping her a lot. Her face usually looks very hard, but the soft wavy hair is doing her a solid.

  28. Mar

    Wow a dress that doesn’t stop pic looks like I at her crotch. The first pic looks like “I can party as long as my legs don’t have to spread and I don’t lift my arms and have a wardrobe malfunction”. The second pic makes her look fake like a muppet or the automatron broke down finally. She’s just fugly and I heard about her “ahem” performance as a host from a co worker.
    So Josh doesn’t get all jazzed up for things like this and would rather go comfortable. Better than tile-bondage and tipy-toed. If your going to party be comfortable at least.
    I’ll take Josh naked and in bed or what ever he wears.

  29. selenar

    I think that she pulls this one off well, I totally wanna see her new look from her voli light vodkas photoshoot, I like her better brunette

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