Well Played, Emma Stone


That last slideshow made my soul microwave itself. I figured six consecutive slides in which I became increasingly frustrated was easier to swallow than six posts, but still. I don’t know if Emma Stone is just washing that grey right out of my hair, or if this is great on its own merits.

The sleeves are bunching up weirdly at her elbows, like an excess of cellophane, but the color is lively on her and she’s carrying it off beautifully, and she threw in a houndstooth shoe, which is the perfect splash of activity. What’s more, for some reason the collar and the whole charmingly demure vibe are giving me Annie flashbacks, and that is a great place to be. Okay, so she was an orphan and living in squalor, but she had pluck! And surprisingly competent dental care considering you know Miss Hannigan just handed Mr. Bundles a quarter, a toothpick, a ball-peen ¬†hammer, and a flashlight, and told him to do his best. Sigh. Where were we again? Oh right: I like this.

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  1. Kara

    Just goes to show you how subjective these things can be: I hate this. It feels very Barbie, very twee, and I hate the sheer sleeves. I like the shoes though.

    • Katharine

      I’m with you on the hate, and the Barbie feelings, but I hate the shoes too. Not a fan of houndstooth; it always looks stagey and pretentious somehow.

    • Ailatan

      Hate it too. That colour is overpowering on her. She looks amazing in strong colours, but this looks like trying too hard and somehow going overboard,

      • Orange Clouds

        Me too. If it wasn’t for the amazing houndstooth shoes this would be pure fug, the dress makes me want to puke pink ponies. Yuk.

        • anny

          Team Hate. It’s just brainwash after the parade of the horribles down there.

    • glee

      Um, ladies, did you really meant ‘ball peen hammer?’ If so, I find it hilarious. Otherwise, also.

  2. Jen

    Oooooh, I love this!! So BRIGHT! I want this whole outfit. (Though it would probably languish in my closet, unfortunately.)

  3. Heidi

    I love it from the waist down, and I love the color, but I hate the top part! Ugh!

    • Eliza Bennett

      Aren’t her boobs wonkus? That blouse bit is making her torso look hella wrong.

  4. jenny

    I completely agree with the Barbie comment and am a little concerned with the fug girls new found acceptance of transparent sleeves–just say no to all of these shenanigans! No more sheer sleeves, no more. Not even on sweet, lovely Emma.

  5. Mikki

    Michelle Williams called…she wants her dress back….!

    • Melissa

      Yeah, I was trying to think of the other person whose little-girl shenanigans give me the irrits and that’s who. No like at all, grown women should not dress like they’re 8 year-olds at a birthday party.

  6. Elaine

    1) i definitely didn’t even recognize emma here – i don’t know if it is the bangs, or the makeup, or what, but her face looks un-emma like.

    2) i like this ok as is…. but if it was a darker pink (i’m thinking cran- or raspberryish, vaguely maroon-adjacent) i would be in LOVE.

  7. McLisa

    Beautiful! I love everything about it!

  8. Fifie

    I love most things pink, but even I could not stomach this. Too bubblegum pink and Barbie-ish for my tastes.

  9. Eliza Bennett

    HAYELL naw. Take the sleeves off and side sweep the forehead awning and we’ll talk. I love the color and the shoes, but as is, this isn’t even close to Emma-worthy.

  10. that girl

    Something about bright pink really appeals to my inner 5-year-old, and I love the shoes and clutch with it.

    Not crazy about the hair and makeup, and I think the dress would be better without the sleeves and a Peter Pan collar instead.

  11. Aria

    Not wild about the sheer sleeves, but other than that, I love the dress. The shoes I don’t love, but they do give it an interesting pop.

  12. k
  13. Amy

    Chop off the sleeves and I’m on board.

  14. Lily1214

    I can’t even imagine what you see in it. Too baby. She looks wonderful in the color.

  15. pidget

    I should hate it – pink and twee-ish, but somehow I don’t. Emma is so young and graceful and un-fussy herself, that this seems acceptable, if not my favourite dress ever.

    I think I would prefer it in Spring, with either cap or 3/4 sleeves, and no collar. Boat, crew or scoop neckline, add a couple of bracelets and a good leather jacket and voila – less voile.

    • Rachael

      Ooh, yeah, cap sleeves. That would be a good idea. But I like it, still. Even though I sort of feel like I shouldn’t, somehow. I do, dammit. And I love those shoes. I have some houndstooth pumps, but I like hers better.

  16. Lynne

    Not sure. It’s kind of bright. Seems to fit weird in the chest. I get what she was going for here but it’s a bit much for me. I like the shoes, though.

  17. eva

    I think the only well played about this is the head: makeup and hair. Maybe the shoes. Everything else I would burn. I can’t believe this is a well played and Kristen Wiig (who finally used a color!) is up for debate :)

  18. Bella

    Reminds me of a Crayola crayon … Carnation, I think? It’s just too bright. Maybe sleeveless with a scoop neckline and a black or silver belt to break up all that brightness. Shoes are cute.

  19. Hima

    I want her to have red hair all the time. It’s no coincidence that Emma is always a redhead in movies — bc producers know that hot redhead Emma sells a movie much better than weird blond-haired Emma. Also, if Emma had red hair, she (hopefully) wouldn’t be wearing this crazy pink dress and then we all win!

    If we HAD to keep the dress, then I would have preferred it without the weird cellophane sleeves. With those gone, this would be OKAY for me.

  20. Sandra

    Get rid of the sleeves and the collar and we’re in business. Also, better support garments.

  21. youknowho

    I loved this the moment I saw it. When you look closer, there may be some drawbacks, but overall I think there’s something fresh and appealing to this.

    She does not look like Emma at all to me, though; perhaps the girl from American Beauty/American Pie, I think her name is Mila or Mina

  22. Annie E

    I looooooooooove it and would wear it myself almost anywhere, anytime.

  23. OH

    I love the shoes, I like the colour of the dress, but I do not like the dress itself. It’s very career Barbie. Actually, I think I’d like the whole thing better on an actress with darker hair.

  24. ceecee

    This is a scroll up fug. From the waist down, fab. From the waist up, horrible. Cut the top off, turn it into a skirt, find a less twee shirt, and do something about the hair. And those shoes can march on over to my closet.

  25. theotherjeninfer

    she looks like Emma from the Spice Girls. shoes are cute tho.

  26. ellenderavenous

    Hate hate hate hate hate.


  27. Vandalfan

    I hate and detest pink and sheer with the red hot heat of a thousand suns, but somehow, and I don’t know how, but somehow …

    I’d better go lay down and eat some miniature Halloween chocolate bars now.

  28. Jasmine

    I love love love love LOVE this. So much. The shoes actually made me sigh with longing. I suspect if I could see her makeup better I might not love it as much, but I genuinely love this entire look.

  29. Danna

    I love her hair and makeup, and she looks great in that color. The style of the dress though, ech.

  30. mary lou bethune

    Such diverse opinions. I think Emma looks beautiful and young and fresh and also that she is winking at us …. “I’ll try any old thing, folks, it’s all a hollywood party!”

  31. Christina

    Hmm, actually don’t like this at all! just wayyy too twee and not all that well-fitting – the colour suits her great and she’s obviously so very cute, but that’s about it!

  32. Gabby

    I love this in theory. YEs the colour s amazeballs and the shoes go great BUT something strange, indeed (and I can’t QUITE work out what it is), is happening to the boobular area.

    Also that fabric looks plasticy and really uncomfortable.

    But otherwise… I love it!

  33. Claire1


    Which is weird because one would think that *I* would like it….
    She looks like LiLo going to court…..
    ..and that kills me because I adore Emma, she’s adorable…..but no.

  34. Rachel

    ugh. love the shoes, though.

  35. jenajkay

    This image immediately reminded me of Kristen Wiig’s tiny hands and huge forehead from that SNL sketch with the signing sisters. While I love both Emma Stone and her shoes, unfortunately I can no longer look at the dress objectively.

  36. pantsonfire

    Huh. I like this for her with this exact styling. To me it doesn’t read Barbie. It reads “Intelligent Comment on Barbie Via a Hyper-Feminine Color and Cut.” In fact, it’s not just hyper-feminine, it’s an extreme manifestation of the cultural idea of young femininity. It might bother me if I took this as sincere and literal. But I’m taking it as more thoughtful and interesting than that, and it’s kind of great. There is no way in hell that I could pull off something like this, though.

  37. Art Eclectic

    I don’t think this color is complementary to her hair and skin tone. I had to look at this one a long time and finally came to the conclusion that the pink is TOO, TOO on a girlish dress like this one. That pink would work on a flowey Grecian dress and somebody with the right skin tone. Imagine Solange, JLo, etc…

  38. Jennipher

    Would have looked sooo cute on Elle Fanning instead of the pilgrim dress. http://gofugyourself.com/fug-or-fine-elle-fanning-10-2012

  39. SaraK

    It makes me very happy that there is now such a thing as Little Orphan Barbie.

    It make me a little sad that it’s Emma wearing it, since she’s usually a reliable source of awesomeness instead of invoking Toys R Us. At least she’s not wearing round white sunglasses for the full Little Orphan effect. That’s something, right?

  40. Kate E

    I’m sorry- all I can think when I see that dress is Kristin Wiig on SNL during the Lawrence Welk show skits.


  41. Dani

    I absolutely love, love, love this. On someone else, I’d probably have concerns, but it’s great for Emma. Neon pink has got to be one of the hardest colours to pull off and she does it amazingly. And the shoes are amazing.

  42. Lynnlynn

    Fug. Just Fug. Also, I think the Fug girls love of Emma Stone the PERSON is bleeding into their critique of her fashion choices. She’s cool, and I like her too, but her outfits? No. Ninety percent of the time I feel like she’s trying to be all “fashion forward” and edgy and the like, but really, it’s usually just straddling the line of questionable at best. And her color choices are appalling (as evidenced by this twee bubblegum nightmare). Get a new stylist and make it stop.

  43. Allison

    I wouldn’t even have guessed that this was Emma Stone. Who the hell put on her make-up? So much! And her hair is crazy and that dress is … Wow. The only thing good about her whole outfit is her shoes, which are awesome.

  44. Nancy

    What a bummer. I think this is a fug. I’m sad. Weird fit. Too much slap on her face. Dress is too twee (is there such a thing as just enough twee?). Anyway, I usually love the way she looks. Oh well.

  45. Pamb

    No, no ,no! This is terrible, horrible, cheap looking and awful! It looks like a polyester costume, with such a garish shade of fuchsia. The horrid pink clashes with her hair color, and the houndstooth heels are the wrong print to have chosen. A floral, perhaps instead?

    All around, a bad look for Emma.

  46. rb

    Love that she can pull this off at her age! (Sincerely.) Because she’s 23, and this is appropriate for a sassy six year old who attends a posh school, and it’s Picture Day, and her mom won’t let her wear blue jeans, so she’s forced to act like Pretty Pretty Princess until recess, when she changes in the bathroom before soccer with the boyz. And oh, do they love her.

  47. TonyG

    I don’t like the design of this as it kind of falls on her in a way that makes her seem frumpy, and she is not. Except, for the crisp collar, the dress seems sloppy to me. I do like the shoes though.

  48. Jules

    She looks like a Harajuku girl.

  49. Lisbeth

    Did she make the dress herself? Great choice of shoes though.

  50. PegMN


  51. Chrissy

    I love pink but this just isn’t working for me. I think the sleeves with cuff are awful and don’t go. They look too long and look like cheap material also. The rest of might be ok without the sleeves, but then again, the material of the dress doesn’t look that great either and the pink plus the collar is a bit too young (like kindergarten). I thought I read somewhere else that this is a Valentino dress, which is hard to believe. I do love the shoes, and with a better pink dress, these shoes would be a great contrast.

  52. jean

    Strong, strong dislike. Too twee by far. And the color isn’t flattering at all. And I don’t like the shoes. It’s not Fugtastic, just frumpy. And I can see that it fits her, but I still get a sense of frump out of it. Michelle Williams would wear this in a more somber color (gray maybe) and I would dislike it on her too.

  53. maryse

    so i hate pink HATE. and i especially hate it on anyone over the age of 4. but i think she looks really cute. maybe it’s because i think she’s adorable, and am therefore blinded, but i find that no matter what she wears even if it’s a little whackadoodle, it’s still tasteful.

  54. justiner

    There is nothing that I like about this look . And it’s not really about the colour, but rather about the shape, the fit and the excessive cuteness.

  55. exquisite red

    I love her, but no, no no…this is awful and unflattering. The only good thing about this look is the shoes.

  56. buttercup

    Dear Emma Stone,

    I’d like for you to consider developing some muscle tone. Nothing drastic, you don’t have to go all Stacy Keibler on us, just enough so that we know you don’t have consumption.

    Sincerely, Buttercup

    P.S. – Take Kristen Stewart with you.

  57. Aurora Camille

    How does this get a Well Played? It’s awful. Terrible color, terrible contrasting neckline (the color of the neckline, yeck), and those sleeves? Add to that that she’s wearing my grandmother’s daytime office shoes. This gets a thumbs down from me. She’s such a pretty woman it kinda hurts to see something like this on her.

  58. mjen

    That is a straight up knockoff of a Dawn doll dress! I loved the mod fashions of my Dawn dolls. Looked awesome on tiny a plastic doll, but looks plastic on a full-sized human gal.

  59. Michael

    I could swear Candy Spelling was wearing this while giving a tour of the spelling manor as it was being packed up for sale. Seriously.

  60. Esme

    I’m getting sick of her, but I hate this on its own merits. It looks like something Anne Marie would wear (That Girl), but at least she would have known to have the stupid sleeves fixed.

  61. Franziska

    I have the exact same dress at home… for my Barbie. And that’s what I thought Emma Stone looked like when I saw her. It’s fine on a Barbie, it’s not fine on a woman in the year 2012.

  62. Aurora

    Uuuuugh, not a fan. That’s full on Barbie. One of my barbies had a dress almost exactly like this when i was younger. The sheer sleeves, the collar, the pink, everything. Emma Stone’s worst look yet. And I say that as a huge fan. I’m just not sure anyone could ever pull this off.