Hallelujah. Somebody got run over by the color wheel.

I’m less decided on the Dijonnaise flats* (which I just realized sounds like either a band, or a really pretentious vacation destination — “Oh, we’re going to our cabin in the Dijonnaise Flats”), but I think the impact hue is fabulous on her. Can we sidebar a moment about centered slits, though?This is the second one present at this party. Is that going to happen again? Because I remember a certain denim skirt I bought about ten years ago and every time I sat down in it, that sucker opened up like flaps on a tent. It lasted about a month in my closet before I gave myself a stern talking-to and then filed for divorce.

*Also, I totally know those aren’t flats. What is wrong with me? Clearly a wire crossed and then maybe started a small electrical brain fire. Maybe I was too busy checking real-estate prices on The Dijonnaise Flats to pay attention to myself.

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