Well Played, Cloris Leachman


I am not kidding when I tell you this:

When I am Cloris Leachman’s age, this is EXACTLY what I will be wearing. Sure, she’s on the red carpet at an event, while I will be out on the lanai shaking the last of my boxed wine out of its spigot and into my mouth — possibly before falling into the pool (don’t worry, my pool boy will fish me out using one of the tiki torches) — but still. She is awesome. Long may her caftan wave.

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  1. Jules

    I have no problem with the caftan. She’s certainly earned the right to wear one, and that one is pretty. However, she really, REALLY needs a better bra. Or any bra.

    • Carol

      Agree … the girls need support at every age! And I also agree that caftans are the way to go … when I hit that age, I am going to wear caftans and jangley jewelry, let my gray hair grow long, eat what I want and start smoking again.

      • Jessica

        I am TOTALLY going to take up smoking when I am 85.

        • pantsonfire

          Oh god. Yes. Everything about this future scenario is divine. Would just add that I will definitely NOT be wearing a bra and I definitely will take up smoking again. Though I will not be wearing Uggs or indeed any shoes beyond a minimal sandal. After a lifetime of the tyranny of shoes, I will be gloriously barefoot on the lanai!

        • molly

          LOL. I learned how to play golf recently just so I have an excuse to drink in the mornings when I retire. (note to self– why wait?) (more notes– ignore the golf part)

      • MK

        You’ve articulated my retirement fantasy. I would just add: wear long gray hair in braids; have a jeep; keep Jack Daniels in jeep.

  2. margaret

    Agreed. My friend, whose aunt she is, says she is a pure riot. Love her.

  3. Kristen from MA

    If you’re gonna do a caftan, that’s the way to do it! Love those necklaces!

  4. Amanda

    Although… are those Uggs I see peeking out from underneath?

    • Kate

      That was my concern, too! Caftan and Uggs should never meet. That street corner does not exist.

  5. Mongerel

    Would it just have killed her to wear a bra? Gross.

  6. Amber

    Forget waiting until I’m her age–I want to wear this now! (on the lanai, with my own pool and pool boy, of course–or maybe on a yacht, yeah, my own yacht in the middle of the Medi…oh, wait, we were talking about the caftan)
    She always seems like she’s such a scream. I love her!

  7. Jenna

    I see Uggs, too, but I can’t hate. Cloris Leachman is 86 years old and has earned the right to wear whatever she wants, especially on her feet! She’s also stacked to the rafters, so that might be as high as her 86 year old breasts are going to get. I love this lady and I’m always tickled that the credits for “Raising Hope” include “and introducing Cloris Leachman as Mawmaw.”

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some other, much younger celeb wear this same caftan.

    • ChaChaHeels

      And probably not as well, either! Lighten up on the woman about the bralessness. She’s 86. Do some math and you’ll realize that’s a long time to be in that kind of restraint every single day. She’s earned a break, and to be honest, she looks great regardless.

  8. Stefanie

    Do I have to wait until Im her age? Because this look has me yearning for days on the lanai at 27 years old. (Although I would have on a bra to give myself some serious cleav. I am only 27 afterall!)

  9. LF

    The sight of this extremely funny woman (MEL BROOKS MOVIES, PEOPLE) out and about and glam and lively makes me want to ask the Fug Sisters to do a Phyllis Diller retrospective. How about it, Jessica and Heather? a Dillerly Played?

  10. bam bam

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE miz cloris. she is so fabulous.

  11. jean

    I think there’s a challenge to figuring out the undergarments for a caftan. If she wore a really firm bra that lifted her up, it would just poke out the front and ruin the pretty flow of the outfit. I think she made the right choice. Plus she looks great! Is she really 86? I’m shocked. Gorgeous. Other than her hands and neck area, she looks to be in her late sixties. Humor keeps you young?

  12. Lizzie T

    She is an absolute treasure. I LOVED her in “Spanglish” and also in “Beerfest”… no matter what she is doing, she is hilarious. The caftan is lovely, she can wear whatever the eff she wants to, and if she wants to lose the bra and let her 86-year old girls hang down to her knees, I’m fine with it. VIVA LA CLORIS!!!!!!!

  13. Fifie

    She looks GREAT! Even if those are UGGs, we should give her a break because when you’re that old, everything hurts. Oh and I am totally on board with the Phyllis Diller retrospective!

  14. Liz

    Is she wearing a bra? Jesus, Chloris!

  15. The Very Simon G


    This is exactly what I want to wear when I’m her age too!!! LOVE IT!!

  16. Lindy

    I do not find this woman delightful in the least. She was horrid when she was on Dancing With the Stars, always saying repulsive things and being a total camera hog. Blech!

  17. Anna Svahn

    I’m sorry but would it have harshed her buzz to wear a bra? And I am on board with a Phyllis Diller retrospective too!

  18. McLisa

    I love this and also I agree that this may be all the hoisting her 86 year old breasts can get. I see her at the movies occasionally and she always looks cute (capris and cute top with sweater). And as you would guess is a complete cut-up riot. J’adore.

    Also also, I feel the caftan craze wave on the horizon so we may not have to wait.

  19. mary lou bethune

    YOu all are on a roll today- “south of Dawson’s Creek” and now this….
    already squeezing out the last of the wine from the box?
    never change.

    and I love Cloris- I can see her Phyllis curls bobbing now as she mimics her swedish in laws on MTM

  20. Amy

    She is the only celebrity I have every approached (she as at the table next to me in a Mexican restaurant in NYC) and she was AWESOME and lovely! xo to her and her caftan!

  21. Shiitake

    Cloris has got it goin’ on!

  22. Nancy

    Mostly agreed except:
    She really needs a bra.
    It’s too long – she’s holding it up!
    What’s with the shoes?

    Nice hair – is that a wig or natural?

    I’m further impressed that she doesn’t look like she has a giant neck-ache from holding up all of those beads.

  23. Sajorina

    I agree that she can do whatever she wants… She’s earned it! She looks good, but if this was me, I’d be wearing the best and most comfortable bra money can buy and pretty, but sensible shoes!

  24. CopyChic

    Whenever I see a pic of her, I remember watching Dancing with the Stars with my then-boyfriend who said,”I don’t want to see her huge baloney t*ts.” It still kinda cracks me up.

  25. struds

    I *LIKE* it a lot. Bless

  26. daryl

    are those UGGS peeking out from that caftan? and Cloris, darling, a bra .. you still need a bra .. ok?

  27. Emma

    Ugg boots, a satin faux-Versaci caftan and no bra? No, no, absolutely no at any age. I’ve seen her much better-dressed than this.

  28. angie

    i will see you for boxed wine on the lanai!

  29. Graygrrrl

    I couldn’t agree more- A bra is a MUST! As a well-endowed woman myself, I cannot imagine letting them go all willy-nilly like that.

  30. Ms. A.

    I love her.
    But yeah, a bra. A BRA!

  31. Victoria

    The mere headline of “Well Played, Cloris Leachman” is, in and of itself, awesome.

  32. Moxie Lola Carroll

    I love it — I’d wear it and I’m less than half her age.

    Also? She’s totally channeling a Mrs. Roper vibe — and I don’t mean that in a bad way.