Those of you who follow us on Twitter (we’re @fuggirls — follow us for many many MANY thoughts about the Olympics, as well as ruminations on crappy television and information about, say, what we dreamed the night before. [I just dreamed that Michael Phelps and I had a super serious conversation about his relationship with his high school girlfriend, Janelle from Big Brother, which clearly means I should stop eating pigs in a blanket before bed.]) know that I have cut the cord on True Blood in a DVR-cleaning blood bath (no pun intended) that also took the lives of Bunheads and The Newsroom. It’s true: I am no longer hate-watching anything.  Janina Gavankar here is one of the reasons:

I mean, not her AS A PERSON — I am sure she is lovely — but my god, every time the show cut back to her story (or, frankly, any other of a number of other story lines, given that this season is all about pairing up characters I like [say, Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin] with people who are KILLING ME WITH THE DULL (this whole Lilith thing]), I just wanted to fast-forward. Kind of like she may want to fast-forward her life through the time she wore this caftan with those booties. It’s okay, girl. Tomorrow is another day.