Well Played Charlize Theron/I Feel For You, Noomi Rapace


I don’t think Charlize looks THAT amazing, and nor do I think Noomi looks that bad, but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture:

Charlize LITERALLY HAS A HALO.  I feel like if you’re Noomi Rapace, you’re thinking, “Sure, I am a groovy Swedish actress who once won something called the Guldbagge Award for best actress. Yes, I am dressed like a quirky character in an indie movie who is barely scraping by working as a Diane Keaton impersonator. I look like the sort of person you’d meet smoking outside a weird Parisian cafe, who’d say but few words to you, but you know those words could be life-changing. I can go right back to the hotel, take off my shoes, and go to sleep in this. Everyone knows now that I am clearly an impeccably neat eater. I am clearly awesome. AND YOU’RE MAKING ME STAND NEXT TO AMAZON CHARLIZE THERON WHO HAS A HALO AND LOOKS REALLY HAPPY AND IS WEARING A SUPER CUTE DRESS BUT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE SHE’S TRYING AT ALL. A HALO. I HATE YOU ALL. GULDBAGGE!!”

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  1. GigiNYC

    Charlize Theron always looks beautiful but her shoes strike an odd note here. I know booties are in style but they just look off with this dress. Perhaps a pair of delicate heels would have been preferable?

  2. Crysh

    Noomi looks like she’s trying out for a Diana Keaton role. Charlize’s shoes are clunky and awful. Plus.. lady.. please EAT something.

  3. strah

    You forgot to mention that Noomi can also be happy that she’s not wearing ugly booties.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    I would kill to see SWINTON in either of those outfits.

  5. Jennifer

    I would not have recognized Charlize Theron. She looks different.

  6. maryse

    charlize looks like she’s levitating. so with the halo, she’s an angel.

  7. Annika

    Guldbagge! Haha, when in this context it could almost be a swearword.

  8. Megan

    As someone who is both short and sporting a “meh” haircut, I’d totally just put a paper bag over my head if I had to take a picture next to Charlize Theron. So, I think Noomi is holding her own in this one.


  9. pem

    Slightly off-topic (but only slightly!). While you’re covering all the Prometheus premieres and press junkets, it really would be no bad thing if a few pictures of the Fassbender found their way here…

  10. TonyG

    What’s that pattern showing through the bottom half of Charlize’s dress. Is it the pattern part of the blue dress? Or, is the bottom partly sheer and she’s wearing a patterned slip or something underneath? Must be part of the dress, right? Please, let it be part of the dress. Otherwise, kind of weird, no?

    • neiges

      It’s not sheer, I have seen this in another website and it is a flowery pattern, blue on blue. Quite striking. I was wondering when this would appear here but was expecting a fug or fab. This… was even better!

  11. laura

    this is why I LOVE you!

  12. Joann

    Hmm, Ashley Judd is going to hate me for this but has Charlize had something “done”??

  13. yeahandalso

    No we need another shot of Charlize’s dress, I saw some on another site and it has what appears to be a square white belt buckle but there is no actual belt anywhere to be seen.

    Also it looks to me like she is wearing a completely sheer blue dress over a solid top and patterned skirt…is that possible? is that where the belt is hiding.

  14. Debra

    OK take off the Dorothy Zbornak caftan on Noomi and I think she looks cute…the underneath outfit seems to be rather nice…as for Charlize the color and cut of the dress are so pretty but not the clunky shoes…and I totally agree with the above posting that SWINTON would kill both of these looks!!!

  15. hilary

    omg, Charlize’s dress is so amazingly beautiful – and so amazingly RUINED by those shoes – why would she mix elegant with cowboy?

  16. Lindy

    Well, as a fellow tall blonde, let me tell you that Charlize is probably thinking, “Why did I have to stand next to someone so short? I probably look like an Amazon next to her.” But, while you used “Amazon” as a compliment (I think) the tall pretty girl standing next to the shorter pretty girl doesn’t think it is. She just feels ENORMOUS.

    • meggyoh

      Yes. I’m rather tall and have many petite friends: every time we get a picture taken I think “Here we go again. Cute girls plus a giant”.

      • Sandra

        Huh, I did not know that tall women disliked the term Amazon. I use it to describe my niece, who is tall, blond, gorgeous, and mostly importantly, totally kick-@ss. She’s smart and knows what she wants to do and then makes it happen.

        I’m kinda medium-tall at 5’7″ but one thing I would like to recommend to the vertically-gifted is: OWN IT!! I know it can be hard to find clothes that fit properly and it may seem like the world was designed for midgets. But good posture and an air of self-confidence (which you should fake if you need to) are about a thousand times preferable to hunching over and trying to take up less space.

        Roomi definitely wins the shoe division of this challenge, but new-mom Charlize looks so happy it makes me happy for her.

  17. janey

    The body language speaks volumes in this pic and it says “They can’t stand each other”. Both are leaning as far away from each other as is possible but still remain in the shot together. Noomi seems uncomfortable given the grimace and the tucking her hair behind her ear move. Neither looks interesting in their clothes. Charlize is pretty but Noomi has an unusual beauty to her that is lacking in Hollyweird so I prefer her look to Charlize’s.

    • Gab

      Or it could be a nano second in time captured where they happen to be looking at different photographers. I love them both! Noomi will always be my Lizbeth!

  18. Sajorina

    “Everywhere I’m looking now
    I’m surrounded by your embrace
    Charlize, I can see your halo
    You know you’re my saving grace

    You’re everything I need and more
    It’s written all over your face
    Charlize, I can feel your halo
    Pray it won’t fade away

    I can feel your halo, halo, halo…”

    Ok, the only thing I don’t like about Charlize’s look is the booties… Everything else is perfection! And, what I don’t like about Noomi’s look is everything, but I too feel for her!

  19. Ruth

    Charlize looks a little like Kylie Minogue there. Perhaps Kylie has had her legs lengthened? (She is a wee one.)

  20. Smartastic

    The bottom half of Charlize’s dress is weird, her booties look wrong with that outfit (and I love me some booties), and she’s making a weird face. Noomi (who is this person again) looks way better in my opinion.

  21. kindakute

    Both outfits are hideous. Charlize is unrecognizable. I am sad now.

  22. Shiitake

    Noomi is my favorite Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

    Charlize is my favorite stoner.

  23. Girlin

    Oh dear…this is so mean!!! I feel for Noomi….it’s a dreadful outfit choice though – all white (if I quote Lauren from The Hills correctly) ‘makes you look heavier in photos’ and it looks like this could be true in this case. Also…Diane Keaton has the copyright on wearing pantsuits to premieres so…..you need to change into something more flattering and definitely with nicer shoes. Ugh
    Charlize looks good. I think for the taller one in the shot she doesn’t look in any way awkward about it – if anything NR is the awkward one. I like Charlize’s dress and lovely smile BUT the shoes are horrible. If she can’t make the booty trend work with those long limbs….well..I think we shd all stick to wearing them with jeans and get over it! Bring back the pump!

  24. Miss Louise

    I like this photo because it shows the totally different ways in which women can be gorgeous. I think Noomi is a great looking woman, just different from the always gorgeous Charlize. And I like Noomi’s outfit, which is only enhanced by the Diane Keaton reference. I can’t help thinking, though, that Charlize looks to have dropped a lot of weight, which always troubles me when someone is a new mother. And the booties are bad.

  25. Melissa

    The suit obviously drowns Rapace and it isn’t fair to have to stand next to willowy Charlize but her dress and boots combo isn’t doing her any favours either! The dress does nothing for her figure, she normally wears much better stuff than this!

  26. ChaChaHeels

    Oh, they keep trying to make booties with a dress happen. And they just won’t.

  27. Marina

    They don’t like each other but they have to act as if they like each other for the camera. Dude, body language never lies.

  28. Adrasteia

    This just shows that booties make everyone look stumpy, no matter how leggy and gorgeous you are. I officially hate them. I knew they made ME look short and fat, but now I have proof that they do it to everyone. Even be-haloed goddesses of cinema.

  29. jean

    Had Noomi been in her Dragon Tattoo look, she would have killed Charlize. She’s so confident in that role. This whole picture is awkward thought. Obviously they were smiling for different cameras.

    I think Charlize looks great. She’s aging nicely when she isn’t airbrushed for her magazine ads.

  30. Rubee

    I agree to you C. Theron has a halo. But it has nothing to do with Ms Rapace’s lack of fashion sense. She’d look this bad even if Charlize wasn’t by her side.

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