Well Played, Blake Lively


I just inadvertently called her “Balve Likely,” sounds like something Billy Crystal would have said in The Princess Bride.

Whatever her name is, she looks pretty great. In the parlance of Rachel Zoe, I die. In the parlance of The Princess Bride, though, I’m only mostly dead. Have fun storming the castle!

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  1. HelenBackAgain

    How is this Well Played? I’m sorry, I cannot agree.

    All I can see is boobs.

    • Daffodil

      Agreed. This is so not a Well Played — washed-out makeup, sloppy hair, nude shoes, undershirt as real shirt, dishwater gray colors. I think the skirt is pretty great, and we all know Jessica loves a sparkle. But Sparkles Don’t Fix Everything.

      Although a huge Well Played for the Billy Crystal in Princess Bride reference. THAT is excellent.

      • Rachael

        I disagree with Daffodil. I think her makeup looks natural rather than washed-out, and I love gray, so I don’t get the dishwater reference. Although the shirt is a bit sheer, it’s not distastefully so, in my view. I think this is like a master lesson in wearing a neutral palette. I concur with the Well Played. And I wish I was wearing that skirt, now.

        • Rachael

          Also, I think she succeeds in making what could be a very heavy looking skirt more summer appropriate with the slightly sheer nature of the t-shirt. OK, I’m done. I don’t mean to sound like I’m Blake’s defender. I would wear this outfit, is all I’m saying :)

      • fritanga

        Tom and Lorenzo said that she looked as if she’d just come off alphabetizing something in a office, and once she changed into a [bathmat-fronted] skirt, she was ready to party! I cannot disagree with them – this is boring. But then again, I find Legsley to be utterly bland, boring and without any discernible personality, so for me this is par for the course.

  2. Barbara

    Did you happen to get a look at the back? The back of the skirt is all white and looks really odd.

    • LoriK

      Did you notice that you can totally see her bra through that top? Obviously I’m glad that she was wearing a bra rather than giving us a barely impeded view of the girls, but still.

      • LoriK

        OK, why did that show up as a reply to Barbara? I hate it when the internet makes me look more non sequitur than I actually am.

    • Chasmosaur

      When I went to look that up – yeah, it looks bizarre – I found that at one point, she was wearing a long sleeved sweater over the top. Which looked much better, or at least less Boobsly.


    • HelenBackAgain

      I did a search after seeing this, because the front of the skirt is so pretty (the one thing I like here!), I was hoping it was a trick of the light or something. And no, no it is not, the back is indeed bright white.

      That half-skirt effect is very strange… and other photos also reveal that all of the outfit is ill-fitting. Then there’s the distracting line of the longline bra just above the waist, showing through that way-too-sheer shirt.

      It’s even worse than I thought.

    •  Squirrel!

      That *does* look odd. Maybe it was less expensive that way? Because, of course, I’m sure she was thinking about prices when she purchased the skirt.

      Reminds me of my husband’s complaint about packaged Halloween outfits: anything that comes with a belt only has the “look” from the front. The back is usually a lame sash that needs to be tied.

  3. Roser

    I agree with the above – the skirt is terrific, but the top is too blah a color, the shoes are ugly, and she needs to comb her hair and put on some lipstick. (Ouch, talk about sounding like somebody’s mother…)

  4. Fawn

    I’m just glad to see that Ryan Reynolds actually let her out of the house.

  5. themis

    For me, it’s only that the shoes are terrible. The rest, gorgeous.

  6. LizzyB

    You know what was well played? That clip from Princess Bride. Man, I forgot how much I love that movie. The outfit I find just okay.

  7. Goldfish

    Cracked out fashion shows are over, and now we’re back to mere mortal clothes we can pan, mock, or admire. This one was a good, non-jarring transition. Thanks for that.

    As for this particular ensemble, I admire it.

  8. TonyG

    I think it was smart to pair such an ornate skirt with a plain shirt. She looks great here. Even the shoes, which match some of the color of the stones in the skirt, is a good choice. She/her stylist thought about this. Well done, I say!

  9. ErinB

    Even though not my absolute fav of hers, I’d still wear it if I got to look like her in it.

    Re Princess Bride: last month as we were both leaving for work, I told my husband “have fun storming the castle!” He looked at me quizzically and that moment I realized he’s never seen the movie. Premarital counseling really should’ve covered this subject.

  10. ErinB

    Even though not my absolute favorite of hers, I’d still wear it if I got to look like her in it.

    As for the Princess Bride: last month as we were leaving for work, I told my husband “have fun storming the castle!” He looked at me quizzically and it was at that moment I realized he’s never seen the movie. I feel like premarital counseling should’ve covered this subject.

    • michelle

      Yes Erin, that premarital counseling should totally have covered that. Being able to quote the Princess Bride (and Monty Python and Mel Brooks) is probably the main reason my husband married me (and we’ve been quoting them together for 20 years now!)

    • HelenBackAgain

      How did you not show it to him while the two of you were courting? It’s such a great romantic-bonding movie!

  11. Julia

    If I look at the individual pieces, I have comments. But the look, as a whole, is working for me. It shouldn’t, given the number of comments I have, but Blake’s carrying it off in my eyes.

    I often wonder this when I see Blake Lively… how long does it take to do her hair and makeup to look like she didn’t spend any time at all?

  12. ErinB

    Ummm, sorry I posted twice. I would delete if I could!

  13. Edith

    I am NEVER calling her anything but “Blave Likely” again. Also, love the skirt and head, but that dishwater tissue-tank is just blech.

  14. Amberoni13

    The day a see through grey camlsole and nude pumps get a well played is a sad sad day. Her face is OK, but she has the 10 years older look on that she occasionally adopts. Agh. I’m not sure if I’m mad at it, but I am disappointed.

  15. Kris

    Know what I love best about Go Fug Yourself??? I love that you reference so many things that I love and can identify with! AND, you’re both so smart and funny.

    The Princess Bride is probably my favorite “go to” reference.

    Blave? She’s ok

  16.  hillary l.

    Was this an early morning photocall? Because girlfriend looks kinda peaked. The whole thing is a “Meh” to me.

    (Except for the PB references. Those are always a win)

  17. BrownEyedBetty

    She will forever be Boobs Legsly to me. And this ensemble is no exception – although I am relieved to know that she’s wearing a bra. She’s awfully perky up there….

    As for the grayness: all I can say is that I once lived in a flat in England that was gray on every surface. Gray walls, gray countertops, gray bathroom fixtures, gray curtains, gray floortiles – complemented with grey weather outside for months on end. So, in the voice of Edna Mode, “No Gray!”

  18. Princess Buwwercwup

    As the Princess from the Princess Bride, I would just like to say thank you for enjoying this movie and its quotes as much as I do. =) As to Blake’s outfit, I disagree with the well played. That is not a shirt, it is a camisole. A sheer one, at that. Ugh.

  19. Bonnie Klein

    I am a straight middle aged woman and even I think she looks insanely sexy. All that tousled bedhead and curvy, lanky tawniness. To paraphrase Elizabeth Banks in Pitch Perfect, that girl could turn me. At the end of the day, what else can we really want from an outfit.

  20. Krista

    Something about her is strongly reminding me of Christine Taylor.

    I also disagree about the well played. That skirt deserves a better shirt and better shoes and better makeup.

  21. HKS

    Breaking it down: Her hair is gorgeous, her skirt is pretty, her makeup is bleh, her shoes are terrible, her shirt is sloppy. And her face looks confused.

  22. Claire1

    You know, I think part of what looks so great here is how little it looks as if she TRIED.
    She looks like she woke up late, threw on something that had been tossed over the back of a chair during a closet organization and hurried out of the house, doing her make up along the way….

    Except that she is just this side of X rated, in her natural state,….and her apartment skipped through the space time continuum and is actually some fabulous little Parisian pad…and she left Ryan looking confused and befuddled ( which I think is a great idea since he, clearly, married up)…

    Funny thing is… I’m not a fan (not a hater either)…but that woman can stand in that top and skirt and make a Victoria’s Secret model, in her chonies, look tame.

  23. Tiffany

    I saw this on a few other sites, and she is ORANGE in skin tone here. At one point she is holding a guy’s hand, and it looks like two different species are connecting.

    Also, in those shots her shirt was so sheer that you can see her entire bra. I think the overall look would have worked better if the tank had more substance and was non-sheer and the skirt’s texture meshed more fully with the fabric on the back of it.
    (Is she doing the JLo squint with her eyes?)

  24. Sandra

    Princess Bride FTW!

  25. amys

    She looks a lot like Natalie Zea here. What is up with stringy, dirty-looking hair? Meh.

  26. Kris M


    This is probably the best picture I’ve seen of her in this outfit. Any others show it for what I think it probably looked like in real life. It’s a barely fitting tank top of the most boring colour you could wear with that skirt. Her hair is stringy at the bottom and greasy at the top and the skirt is only decorated at the front. It’s literally a façade of a cool skirt (but perhaps more comfortable this way, I will give her that).

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Her hair is dreadful. The rest is gorgeous.

  28. Sajorina

    LOVE! WANT! COVET! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Art Eclectic

    I want that skirt. I don’t care if pencil skirts don’t work on girls with hips. I want it anyway.

    • Claire1

      They DO work well on girls with hips.
      In fact, jump on any pin up girl website and you’ll some really curvy girls rockin’ the pencil skirt.
      I own four…( I’m a size 12…been wearing them since I was a 16)…. Just be brave and make sure you keep your top as sleek as the skirt. They look strange unless everything fits close to the body….
      This is my FAVORITE!!
      It is a bit high in the waist, so it gives you good definition…the skirt hits just at the knee, it is slim fitting from hip to tip….and it has LOTS of stretch ( that it doesn’t lose)….
      I own two in two different sizes ( depending on how much rear I want to accentuate)….
      Not that we need a man’s attention….but I’ve had a few act like complete fools when I wear this skirt. One of them being my husband.

      • Sajorina

        Claire1, I think you might have just convinced ME to buy a pencil skirt! That one from GAP looks great and is affordable!

        • Claire1

          A testimony to that skirt is that when I first saw it, it wasn’t in my size….but then they had it listed again….and it’s been sold on line for the past 3 years…. Which means it’s selling enough for them to keep it in stock… and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on clearance!!!
          As I shrink… I’m seriously tempted to buy it in a smaller size… just in case.
          I wash it in the laundry, but I don’t put it in the dryer, I line dry it. So, I can’t tell you what it would do in the dryer, but it washes well.

          • Sajorina

            It’s like this pair of jeans I love! I have them in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 because as I gained weight over the past 2½ years, I kept buying them in a size that fit me! So, if you expect to lose more weight, go ahead and buy the skirt in a smaller size if you think you couldn’t get yours tailored to your satisfaction! And thanks for the tip! :)

      • jean

        And this is why I love the comments! Practical advice. Thank you.

  30. Dani

    This is all just an ‘eh’ to me. Skirt is good, top looks cheap, hair unfortunate but overall nothing that out of the ordinary.

    • VanDee

      Agree with Dani but will add the shoes are gross. I hope those ridiculous pointy-toed things aren’t coming back. No wonder women get corns and bunions!

      • Rachael

        I have several pairs of shoes with pointy toes and have never had a corn or a bunion. And I have average to wide feet. It’s all about quality shoes that fit properly, not the shape of the end of the toes. Yes, heels, worn all the time, do bad things to your feet, knees, etc. All things in moderation. Like cake!

        • HelenBackAgain

          It’s also heredity. Bunions have been observed in women living in cultures that don’t wear shoes at all! Bad fit will exacerbate the tendency if it’s there, though – and so can wearing heels even if they do fit properly, because of the way they redistribute one’s weight.

          Moderation indeed is key.

  31. Barbra

    I will always call her Boobs Legsly in my head.

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