Well Played and WTFly Played, Katerina Graham


Just in case you ever forget — on account of the distracting hair and jewelry and gimmicks from Planet Crazeballs — this is a reminder that Kat Graham is a stunning girl.

This dress is a great choice for her — the bodice is so unusual that it keeps alive her flair for the dramatic, but she shines through it instead of just peeking around its edges. Of course, if we want to torture the phrasing a bit, it was inevitable that clouds would roll in:

At least her cardigan knows the score.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Lina

    That first dress is great! The second…I want to keep the cardi and boots and add jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Except that would make her look normal, and she’s far too stand-out for that. If only the print weren’t so eyeball-searing and the hem hit her at or above the knee instead of at that awkward place on the calf… Still, she’s always interesting to look at.

  2. D

    Yes! I love that first dress, and I especially love it on her. She looks stunning when she tames the crazy (while still maintaining an interesting look).

    I’ll just pretend I didn’t see the second photo.

  3. Leah

    If you can look like picture #1, why on earth would you choose to look like picture #2?

  4. Sajorina

    The 1st look is an uncharacteristic FAB for Kat Graham! The 2nd look says Willow Smith in 2021 & I hate it!

  5. Piglet the Pooh

    Back in the day my mother had a scarf that was festooned with variations of the F word. But you would not know this unless you got within 8 inches of the scarf in very bright lighting. She thought it was hilarious because it was, essentially, secret. And even then she would only wear it to parties where she knew everybody – never in public. My dear mother would, however, be aghast if she were ever to lay eyes on this cardigan. She didn’t mind an effing scarf but she hates a shitty sweater….

    • Eliza Bennett

      Your mom sounds like a G. I want a scarf like that! This girl…why would she do that to herself? The shoes are somehow the saddest bit in an outfit that is swearing at itself.

  6. Carolina Girl

    This girl needs to seriously think about hiring a full time Crazy Wrangler. When she reins in the crazy (Picture #1) she looks absolutely beautiful. That is a great dress that’s great on her. But when she unleashes the crazy (Picture #2) she just looks sad and desperate for attention.

  7. Anne B

    I consider myself a sane person.

    That said, I find myself wanting that cardigan, like, really hard.

  8. vandalfan

    The first photo is perfection. The second one fills me with questions- on what occasion would one wear a cardigan like that? And why did she wear a strapless mini pulled down around her waist and hips, and sport a crop top above. Just look at the weird seams on that upholstery fabric.

    • Popcouver

      Oh my god. It IS a crop top. It definitely looked like a tan belt on first glance. Tragic, tragic.

  9. Susan

    Hmmm, calling the bodice “interesting” seems charitable, no? It looks like the platter they use at Azteca to serve nachos. The rest is wrinkled and ill-fitting. Her look in photo #2 would go better with her “WTF” cardigan.

  10. Neil

    102.7 WTFM

  11. Miranda

    Honestly, in the second look, if the dress were shorter and she had on COMPLETELY DIFFERENT shoes, I think it would be really cute. I think I would actually like it better than the first. Sad case of scrolldown fug.

    I also think her hair in the first picture is a little too severe. Her face looks prettier in the second one, IMO.


  12. Geemee

    I feel like the bodice of her first dress is sticking its tongue out at me. And wish she could go up half a size. The second outfit …. well, I want that cardigan. That is all.

  13. TonyG

    She’s playing with us in that second outfit, specifically the sweater and the boots. Great sense of humor, Kat!

  14. Kris

    That was an absolutely JARRING jump, Fug Girls! Holy cow!

  15. Sandra

    God Lord, her head isn’t even on straight in that second photo. The dress is dreadful on its own; that length paired with those boots is a Stephen-King-level horror show.

    • Cherry

      She has a asymmetrical jawline as it is, but you’re right, somehow this outfit makes it look like her head was cut and pasted to this photo. I wish it was, because for some reason seeing her in this dress directly after the first one actually made me angry inside.

  16. Jacq

    She’s gorgeous, but I don’t like either dress. That first one is too tight across the hips and stomach, as evidenced by the creasing. Another inch of fabric would have made all the difference.

    • Kate

      Thank you – I was wondering why no one was pointing out that the first dress has accomplished making a tiny girl look a little poochy. Up one size would be great.

  17. Caroleena Stantonova

    That first costume would be a knockout if the hem ended a couple of inches below her patelas. And the second costume…there is no excuse for footwear such as this.

  18. Chris

    …didn’t Fergie wear that cardigan in 2005? (Wait, when did The Dutchess come out? And why did she spell it “Dutchess” as opposed to “Duchess?”)

    Speaking of Fergie Ferg:

    1) The last time that thing was fashionable was around the time Kids, Inc. was on.

    (Okay, so to be accurate, Kat’s outfit dates from around the time Donna Martin was graduating, so a few years after. Either way, it was from before I was in middle school – therefore, wrong.)

    2) It also makes it look like her London Bridge is around her sternum, and that’s just not right.

  19. megan

    she is beautiful

  20. jhops

    Where does one GET a blazer with “OH SHIT” written on it? I need to know how to avoid that store.

  21. Hima

    She is so amazingly beautiful, I am going to forget that the second picture exists. I am also going to continue my weird fantasy that she and the beautiful Jesse Williams (Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy) somehow find each other and create freakishly gorgeous babies together.

  22. DressedWell

    We LOVE the first dress! Not so keen on the second.