This one is saved by the shoes.

With a plain pair of peep-toes, it’s what the lead ballerina would wear in Swift Lake at Lincoln Center, which reviewers say has innate charm but gets repetitive after the Intermission. However, with THESE shoes — as much as they look a bit like S&M sweatbands — it at least has some unexpected edge. I think that might be a good thing, although I’m not sure the “I Just Unhooked My Ankles From The Bedpost” look is something we should all try at home. On several levels.

Call it:

  • Good edge (19%, 1,363 Votes)
  • Bad edge (34%, 2,384 Votes)
  • Weak edge (22%, 1,540 Votes)
  • Moderate edge (17%, 1,185 Votes)
  • I've read it so much that now the word "edge" has lost all meaning (9%, 636 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,108

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