I want to like this. It has feathers and sequins and fun shoes, and I’ve been on board the Fergie train lately.

But I can’t help thinking it makes her look a tad aggressive, like some kind of weaponized emu.

I think...

  • ... it's tremendous (1%, 136 Votes)
  • ... it's tremendously wrong on her (57%, 5,542 Votes)
  • ... it's tremendous BECAUSE she looks like a weaponized emu (42%, 4,053 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,736

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Let’s take a look at what she busted out for the New Year’s Eve premiere:

This is a less dowdy version of what Julianne Hough seemed to be going for, but it also doesn’t seem 100 percent right, does it? Like she was aiming for glam but took a slight left somewhere near Jessica Simpson.

Am I crazy?

  • No, I feel you. It's not... quite... there. (60%, 3,072 Votes)
  • Yes -- it's awesome (35%, 1,807 Votes)
  • Yes -- it's all wrong (5%, 261 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,140

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