Well Played, Albeit Possibly Because Of Her Earlier WTF: Naomie Harris


I’ll be honest: I have no idea if I really think this is so hot.

The netting effect is cool,  but I can’t really tell what’s happening in the boobular area. But it doesn’t matter. It’s like a cake made in Jon Hamm’s image compared to what she wore earlier in the night to the Skyfall premiere:

I am speechless. This outfit is what would happen if Las Vegas were overtaken by witches. But that’s not the only trick up her sleeve-window. Check it:

Once she lifts away the see-through caftan, it reveals that there is ANOTHER see-through layer underneath it. She double-trended us. It’s a bi-parency. It’s a transpluralicy. It’s a pretzel of fug. I’m trying to uncurl it and I can’t tell if it’s cunning, subversive genius, or… wait, no, forget it. It’s just terrible.

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  1. Kat

    It was bad enough when I thought she had a weird net underlay with a sparkly long dress, but then the reveal showed it wasn’t a long sparkly dress at all. I wish the bodysuit had just existed as a long dress with none of the bizarre mesh shenanigans. What exactly do they add to the dress other than fugging it up big time?

  2. Katharine

    It would be lovely — if she was a Cirque du Soleil aerial artist, and this was her costume for the dramatic entrance. Did she shed the sheers and perform a death-defying silks routine before the film started?

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Re: Dress 1-fine?
    Dress 2—OMGWTFLOLDUIBBQJUSTNO. I was horrified by the sparkly swimsuit with witchy coverup before I saw it had a fleshtone layer of sheer under the black layer. I hate her shoes. I can’t believe she wore the same ones twice—if they go with a floor length sparkly swimsuit, they can’t possibly go with a sensible midknee dress. Right?

  4. emk

    The guy in the back taking a photo with his phone is the best part

  5. gav

    I weirdly sort of think she’s almost pulling it off?

    • jk

      I agree!! Though it might be because I’m laughing so hard at the commentary that I’m deluding myself into thinking that it’s the dress that’s making me happy.

      • aeb

        sames! i kind of like this.

        hey, if anyone can do this, it’s a bond girl at her movie premiere.

        but just this once.

        • Jen S 2.0

          She looks as good as anyone can in this, but that’s different from actually looking good on her merits.

          I like the lady in the silver suit in the background pausing to go, “oh, honey … no” as she lifts the skirt.

  6. Lizzy

    Dress 1 is cool.
    The light under-layer in dress #2 appears to be there to make her bare legs MORE visible. As if wearing that sheer black tent just didn’t make her bare limbs obvious enough. Ugh.

  7. Sandra

    I think she’s campaigning for a lead role in The Spy Who Fugged Me. In which case this would be an “appropriately played”. I can’t say “well-played” because even for a costume it would be righteously awful.

  8. Emster

    She’s one of the Bond Girls in Skyfall. And apparently is sad by her non-descript, non-sexual bond girl name.

    • marie

      she is Moneypenny so she doesnt have exactly a “sexual” bond girl name

  9. marie

    looking at the crotch and cant help thinking, WTH are those dangly bits all about? just no, Naomie..please contact Zoe S..you two girls should get together and she can share styling tips with you!

  10. Other Emily

    As to dress no. 1 — it is not okay in the boob area. The netting look is kind of cool, I agree, but the lack is horrible and ruining everything.

    • Other Emily

      Dammit> The lack of boob support is ruining everything.

      • Carolina Girl

        So true. The lack of support makes her boobs look both droopy and flat. Never a good combination.

  11. jerkygirl

    The first dress is pretty, and the pattern is interesting, but the second. . .thing. . .is interesting in a different way altogether. Someone that pretty deserves better than to be draped in 3 different layers of awful (not that “average” people should ever be saddled with it either, I just mean, why fight the hot?).

  12. Willow

    I’m just trying to think of a way to unfug the premier dress but I think burning it is the only option.

  13. gryt

    She looks absolutely FANTASTIC in the first shot.

  14. Minutiae

    Yes, that second dress is awful, but Naomie Harris has a lifetime of goodwill from me for being such a badass in 28 Days Later. I love her dearly.

  15. k

    I think it’s not a bodysuit! I think the under-dress is basically made of netting, and has bodysuit-legth sequin embellishment. I am very curious about what the back of that thing looks like.

  16. Grace Pheiffer

    Lea Michele is gonna be s pissed that Naomie got to the sheer dress first.

  17. Beth C.

    I feel like that first dress is a gorgeous frock… On someone else. It isn’t that she looks bad at all, I just think it isn’t really the best option for her.

    The second one I have no words for.

  18. Joan

    Not sure what she has done/is going to do for the rest of the year, but that second “dress” ALONE puts her in serious contention for FugMadness!

  19. Tamburlaine

    Both dresses make her look weirdly proportioned (though that may be due to the camera angles?), and whereas the first is pretty, if needing boob support, the second is just wrong and should never have been designed and made, let alone worn by a sentient creature. She’s so pretty, and yet the second dress distracts from her lovely face.

  20. hfree

    And let’s not forget the earrings that came straight off the set of Star Trek.

  21. McLisa

    I get the feeling she’s about to perform some magic.

    Also: look at the people. What’s going on with her backside?

  22. Morgan R.

    Sometimes I wonder how long it will be before women start showing up at red carpet events nude, save for some strategically-placed, hygienically necessary, haute couture tape and sequins.

    Then I wonder how I’ll feel about it when it actually happens.

    • McLisa

      Right? Like Nude will be all the rage and starlets will show up in nothing but a black sequined maxi pad.

  23. Tiffany

    A pretzel of fug! LOL! Love it!

  24. Lily1214

    I can’t tell what’s going on in the boob area either; however, her l-o-n-g legs make this attractive on her.

  25. Lily1214

    Second photo: she should just take the net off.

  26. Fatcat

    “It’s a bi-parency. It’s a transpluralicy.”

    And you both are brilliant. It’s your creative use of the English language that keeps me spitting my coffee and coming back to read your blog. :-)

  27. Erin

    No doubt, the first is gorgeous…. if not particularly original.

  28. Kerina Pharr

    I think the fug dress is a textile interpretation of “the sky is falling”

  29. Bottle Ginger

    The first dress is quite fantastic, and the designer must be ready to kill her because she’s ruined it by failing to wear a bra.

    Of course she couldn’t wear a standard bra with that neckling, but honey – don’t you have a strapless bra? Or some duct tape?

  30. Claire1

    The first dress needs to be just a tad shorter….
    But who’s going to notice when she’s rocking those KICK butt shoulders! O MG …. this is exactly what I need to put into my head when I’m whining about weights….

  31. Sajorina

    Really like the 1st dress, but I hate the shoes! The 2nd dress is The Little Mermaid & Morticia’s lovechild… And, she’s wearing the same shoes with it as well! FUG!

  32. Della

    “The netting effect is cool, but I can’t really tell what’s happening in the boobular area.”

    I’ve been squinting at the first dress for longer than is seemly, and I kind of wonder if she’s actually wearing the sparkly blue bathing suit underneath it? There are definitely blue and purple sparkles going on around the chest that don’t seem to be evident elsewhere on the dress. Kind of pretty and kind of bizarre.

    Here’s a slightly clearer picture.

  33. Esme

    Truly horrifying and appropriate for Halloween.

  34. atz

    I absolutely love dress #1, and hate dress #2.

    She’s wearing the same shoes with both dresses. They work well with dress #1, but with dress #2, I was wondering if she had frumpy double ankle bracelets.