VMAs Amusingly Played, Twilighters: Elizabeth Reaser

And tonight, the role of Kristen Stewart will be played by Elizabeth Reaser.

Yes, I know she’s in the movie, too. But come on: With the leather and the messy hair and whatnot, they are totally trying to insert a reasonable physical facsimile just in case Kristen Stewart never comes within twenty feet of Robert Pattinson again. If she shows up at the Breaking Dawn 2: Waaaah premiere in a skirt that barely skims her labia and sandwiched between Pattz and Lautner, we’ll know her bosses have REALLY come begging.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (16):

  1. Stefanie

    Shes pulling KStew off better than KStew does.

  2. Jo

    Have posted once before to say someone has hacked your site. I am from the UK and when I click on your posts it takes me to a dirty website.

  3. Orange Clouds

    I think she looks awesome. Go girl!

  4. Big Noise

    Elizabeth Reaser is the most popular guess for a blind item on CDAN that she’s pregnant w/ Peter Facinelli’s baby. There’s a photo of her on Jezebel where the dress is pulled, bunchy and loose; here it looks a tad snug across the midsection. What say ye?


  5. Sandra

    The hair is not combed but it is clean; also, her eyes don’t look like a raccoon who lost a fist-fight. Clearly, there is more begging to be done by the bosses.

  6. lindsay

    KStew could never muster a facial expression like that one! More Botox, Reaser.

    • mary lou bethune

      That is funny and true- KS really can’t deliver , can she? Simmering is the word I think of…. she simmers. But Reaser here looks great.

  7. Kelly

    BTW she’s tweeted this post.

  8. Lisa T

    Taylor Lautner looks like he’s had too many dates with a spray tanner…

  9. Danielle

    I had to google her name to figure out what character she played…girl is 37 and looks about 22 in this photo. Damn!

  10. vandalfan

    Her hair is clean and combed and her skirt is a decent length, so she could not be mistaken for Her Nibs.

  11. katemc

    somebody needed to pull Taylor Lautner out of the deep fat frier about 30 minutes ago.

  12. Shoeniverse

    I knew it wasn’t her, Kstew does not have that face in her ‘range’ – looks cute though!


  13. jean

    And she’s surrounded by five fairly attractive men! Hee. If only the guy who plays the dad in the movies was there too. Good for her. She doesn’t get to do much in the films, but she hasn’t embarrassed herself either. None of the “adults” on the cast have …yet.

  14. Sajorina

    I think Elizabeth looks DAMN GOOD, but the whole thing was just awkward… Did they need all that people on stage to show a clip?

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    Are Lautner and the other dude on a lower step or are they really short?