Unfug It Up: Zooey Deschanel


This needs a little work, I think:

Primarily because right now, she looks like a student at one of the turn-of-the-century convent schools about which I used to enjoy reading when I was supposed to be doing my math homework. All she needs is a giant bow in her hair and the ability to make herself faint at will to get out of having to sit through Mass.

[Photo: INF]

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  1. Mair Mair

    Wrapping paper skirt.
    That is all.

    • Rebecca

      I would buy the hell out of that wrapping paper. The skirt, not so much.

    • Courtney

      Yeah – if this was maybe a Christmas outfit for sitting around a fireplace with cookies and hot chocolate, I’d be a little more ok with it. But it is the heart of springtime!

  2. Becca

    Does she just hate her legs? I’ve never seen someone wear so many black tights!

    •  theotherjennifer

      OMFG with the black tights!

      • Morris

        Maybe the poor girl just doesn’t like her legs! Or is in-between wax appointments. She is only human. I put tights under most dresses & skirts unless its a hot day so I’m sticking up for her.
        Plus the skirt is awesome.

  3. Erin

    I don’t understand wearing black tights with a crop/short top. I love the skirt (stripes mesmerize me) — maybe if it were a complete dress made out of that material?

  4. LoriK

    I agree that Zooey looks like a convent school girl from an earlier era, but I don’t think we can do anything to unfug it because she looks exactly the way she wants to look. The fact that she is way too twee for a grown woman is her Thing and she apparently has an unnatural fear of haivng sunlight touch her legs.

  5. Amalia

    In the spirit of the challenge – lose the tights (of which she must have about 50 pairs) and replace the top with a crisp white button-down. I will let her choose if the button-down is short or long sleeved. There! A nice springy outfit that doesn’t make me all hot (in a bad way) and itchy.

  6. x o x o

    i like it.

    except for the crop.

    and the short sleeves.

    and the fact that it isn’t, currently, the winter holiday season.

    otherwise: total winner.

  7. anna s.

    Hey Zooey?

    If you’re going to do the schoolgirl look that’s a decade and a half too young for you, please at least pick a school whose colors are otherwise complimentary to your complexion.

    Because this both washes you out and makes you look desperate. Washed out and desperate are not a good look on anyone.

    Better luck next time, me.

  8. KellyG

    NEEDS ACCESSORIES. True to GFY style, needs a bracelet. Or maybe a necklace? Lose the tights and add more interesting shoes.

  9. Anna Svahn

    Stop it with the tights, that is all I have to say to her. It would be fine although a little dark if she had bare legs.

    •  Sallie T

      Watch the opening credit sequence of New Girl, people.
      She looks better with the tights. I think for summer perhaps she needs to
      consider pants — Laura Petrie toreador capris?

      • Annie E

        And I bet these kinds of comments are why she keeps wearing tights!

      • Tiffany

        Sallie, I haven’t seen the opening of New Girl, so you will have to tell me the secret! What is wrong with her legs that tights looks better? She doesn’t appear to have “cankles”. Does she have eczema?

        • Helen

          I just watched the opening credits on YouTube (don’t watch the show), and I see nothing whatsoever unattractive about her legs. They are totally cute.

          She just needs to get rid of the neverending tights, is all.

          And, with this skirt – which I love – pair a contrasting top, I think, maybe pink. Something that tucks in! And espadrilles. I can’t decide about the color of the espadrilles.

      • Lori

        Whenever I see the opening credits for The New Girl, I just feel happy for her legs that they can breathe! Of course, I spent 12 years in a private school in either tights or knee socks, so I bring my own issues to the table.

      • Esme

        I can see enough of the shape of her legs to know they’re fine (unless she has horrible, disfiguring scars or serious varicose veins or something, which I doubt).

  10. Bree

    No tights and not pointy toed shoes and I think we’d be good. This woulda been great with a green shoe. WHY ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF COLORFUL SHOES?

  11. Karen

    I’m not sure what convent would allow a crop top…

    • Sandra

      This DEFINITELY would not fly at Penguin School. Father Whatawaste will be assigning her 10 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys for penance. But she only went to confession to listen to his voice anyway. :D

  12. AM

    I knew people would complain about the black tights, but no, no–how can you even notice the legs when she’s wearing a friggin’ crop top. Either raise the waist or lower the shirt is my motto! Plus, black wouldn’t be for first choice as a color to match the shirt.

    • Squirrel!

      Agreed. Change the top to something non-cropped and emerald green. And wear the outfit in fall or winter.

  13. maryse

    i have no problem with this. maybe the black tights are a little heavy for spring — so if she doesn’t like wearing bare legs, maybe sheer black hose? but other than that. i think this is cute. the length on the skirt is good. i’d prefer if the top weren’t a crop top. but i like it.

  14. Deedee

    I see ribbon candy….

  15. Chris P

    So, does anyone remember the Zooey/Gawker feud from a year or so ago? (Basically, Zooey said Gawker was being mean to her; in response, Gawker ran a series of articles about the most trite Zooey news imaginable while nicknaming her after hipster ephemera.)

    I bring that up because it seems that right now she’s the embodiment of the over-emphatic stage wink.

    That said, when and where was this? I can believe it was that cold (if it’s New York – spring is WEIRD around these parts, although I think it finally decided to come), but on the other hand Zooey insists on wearing heavy black tights everywhere and with nearly everything. And with the stuff she doesn’t wear tights with, her legs look fine, so it’s not like there’s anything to cover up. (Maybe she just gets cold easily.)

    I guess a floaty white/cream top and strappy shoes (the skirt I’m actually fine with), but on the other hand…since it’s a “New Girl” screening, I guess she’s stuck turning up the Zooeyness to 11.

    • mary lou bethune

      I thought she was calm and cool when Fox news identified her as the Boston bomber. I love her although I am tired of Nick Miller yelling on New Girl. She is the eternal girl and she always looks darling.

  16. Sophia Loren

    Tank top in green or black and flat brown sandals. Feminine vintage gold watch.

    • Jeanette

      Silky tank top or cap sleeved top in green. Gold accessories, bare legs and a better shoe (maybe wedges?) in green or gold or brown.


    This would be adorable without the black tights.

  18. Billie

    Okay, let’s do this.

    Lose the tights. No, burn them.
    White top, preferably not cropped.
    Cute clutch in a bright, contrasting color.
    Strappy sandals, with or without heels.
    Bangles, rings, earrings, something…anything.

    Most importantly, she really needs to stop posing like a 5-year-old.

  19. perletwo

    OK, love the skirt – I know it’s a divisive issue, but I love a full skirt. Change the top to a lighter color – either the green or the tan – ditch the tights, and I think it’d be good. (It’s hard to tell about the shoes in this pic.) I’d even give her a pass on the length of the top if it was a bright or a pale neutral.

  20. Deanna

    EIther: (a) just a completely different skirt, or (b) that same skirt fabric, but as a tailored mini skirt. That would be cute.

  21. Claire1http://gofugy

    OK… Holiday season… add along sleeved top or sweater set, keep the tights, add heavier shoes ( boots maybe)….. look all festive and warm.

    This time of year, buh bye to the tights and those shoes. Get some cute sandals in either black ( if you insist on wearing a black top and in that case I say no crop and add shorter sleeves) or gold and if GOLD get a nice summery sleeveless in green.

    I actually love the wrapping paper skirt…and it makes me sad that it’s not being given the appropriate ribbon and bows.

  22. Charlotte



    Formal crop tops are apparently 2013′s formal shorts. We are all the poorer for it.

  23. fritanga

    If she had the giant bow in her hair I’d like this a lot more. Even more if she were sitting on one of those old-timey bicycles. Fits, somehow.

    Anyway. She has to stop wearing the black tights. Really. Give ‘em a rest, girl.

  24. JonesyGirl

    my issue is the stockings and shoes. so close but.

  25. regina

    It’s not good when your skirt is both your key sartorial item AND the color accent. Looks like a lamp shed…

  26. goldfish

    She should only be wearing dark tights like that if she’s front or back of a horse costume.

  27. Heather

    Just LOOKING at thick black tights make me sweat, even in winter. Ugh, the yeast infection potential!! And let me be very clear: I’m a big wearer of skirts, and I live in a cold climate, so I have LOTS of pretty tights and stockings and get compliments on them all the time. (Actually the other day I was in the grocery store and a hot guy in motorcycle leathers – think racing, not Harley – said, “nice stockings,” which seemed kind of … naughty, but also hot.) But girl, consider some pretty, textured, open-weave tights. Your legs and your ladyparts will thank you.

  28. Marion

    I love this on her and would not change a thing. There.

  29.  Crispy Phoenix

    I feel like she’s about to serve me some beer in a heavy stein while singing The Sound of Music.

  30. Tamburlaine

    I don’t get the hate for Zoey’s black tights – what’s wrong with them? She looks cute and appropriate. I like her outfit a lot – if I had her figure I’d wear it as well (but flared skirts do not look good on me).

    • Tamburlaine

      Sorry, ZOOEY. (To me Zooey is Zooey Glass, and thus, male)

    • Helen

      In and of themselves, there’s nothing wrong with black tights. They just don’t go with everything! And certainly not with this colorful, spring-y skirt.

  31. Lily1214

    Where do they come up with these looks? I know they have mirrors.

  32. EricD14


    —-Insert Eddard Stark picture—-


  33. Caz

    I don’t care about the tights/no tights situation (although no tights and maybe green pumps) but hear me now and hear me clearly :
    Hideth thee thy midriff, it’s not sexy, it’s not worth the chill on your belly.

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