Tyraly Played, Tyra

Apparently I should’ve watched GMA today, because Miss Tyra was so animated she was practically a cartoon. There is never a dull moment with Ty Ty Baby, and I say that with love.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1. Sandra

    Is this a Shark Week/GMA cross-over? ‘Cause that dress would look great if it Jaws hadn’t bitten chunks out of each side.

    • Erika

      …and her face & flailing hands does scream “SHARK ATTACK”, much? :P

  2. Lindy

    Did you Fug girls ever meet Tyra when you worked on her show? I would love to know if she’s as crazy in real life as she seems on TV.

    And, she NEVER wears anything cute. She is always 5’10 of fug. At least that dress is not one of her self-designed jumpsuits.

  3. Jules

    The picture with her “missing” arm is freaking me out!

  4. Shiitake

    Tyra doin’ what Tyra does best.

  5. Candy

    Is it just me or does that dress look very similar to the Pretty Woman dress?

    • Jules

      It’s not just you. Which is why Heather wrote this to accompany the first pic:

      “In this shot she looks like she was surprised with a makeover, where they blindfolded her and dressed her up like a business-casual version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she was still on the Boulevard, then ripped off the mask while she was standing in front of a mirror. Cue shrieking.”

  6. hope

    wow. you do a mean tyra! spot on!

  7. vandalfan

    It’s like she was surprised half way into an exotic exfoliating spa wrap.

  8. Minutiae

    Beyond the dress, her hair is terrible. It looks like she was in a shvitz for 6 hours. [/Elaine Benes]

  9. SKS

    “Toochie de la Creme” = WIN.

    BTW, I LOVED “Modelland”. It was a literary mess, but it was oh so thoroughly entertaining.

  10. Shoeniverse

    Reminds me of when she was in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air… albeit with the newer version of the nose of course. She somehow has an innate ability to take something expensive and make it look really really cheap…


  11. Siobhán

    Is this a thing now? Tyraly played, Chadly played, Bai Lingly Bailinged……?

  12. Leelee

    “I did NOT go to Paris BY MYSELF when I was SEVENTEEN just to come back here and look like refried jazzercize.”

    This SLAYED me. Oh Tyra, it was such a hard knock life for you.
    Also, what is going on with that wig/weave? She can afford better hair than this. It’s so stringy… it looks like my hair does when it goes frizzy and I (mistakenly) decide to try and fix it by throwing on a ton of product.

  13. The Fugger

    Slide 6: …I would read that sequel to Modelland from cover to cover. Forever.

    Also, wasn’t it entertaining BECAUSE it was a literary mess, not in spite of it?

  14. understateddiva

    I have not tooched my booty once today. I must remedy this.

  15. TonyG

    The bottom half of Tyra’s dress is smoking hot on her, and the guy standing next to her would be smoking hot on me.

  16. emilythorne

    “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.”

  17. Ms. A.

    Not a good look.

  18. jellybean

    i will still be laughing, if/when you read this. in fact, if you randomly scroll though the site years from now, i will probably still be laughing.

  19. Kris

    That is awful, awful foundation on her face. Why is she orange???