Please enjoy!

– This is such a well-written and fascinating piece about Serena and Venus Williams (and their parents), and, not for nothing, the picture they’re running with it is SO CUTE. (New York Times)

– Some of these Buildings Designed to Look Like Other Things are terrible, but I kind of wish I got to go to work in a fish. (Flavorwire)

– People really can make a career out of anything. Like this dude, who makes a living as a professional sports fan. Seriously. (SI)

– But he is a professional darts player? Grantland goes to the world championship of darts. DARTS. (Grantland)

– You probably want to read about the history of the pink lawn flamingo. (Smithsonian)

– Feeling stressed? This Tumblr is called, solely, “Guys In Suits.” It will help. (Guys in Suits)

– Why would ANYONE rob LL Cool J? He has a whole SONG about knocking you out at the behest of his mother, and that is in fact exactly what he did when he came across an intruder in his home. (Time)

– Did you know Liz Taylor wrote a diet book? Rebecca Harrington over at The Cut went on it. You need to read this. It’s brilliant. (The Cut)

Holmes and Yang is showing in the Tents at Fashion Week this year. Cross your fingers Heather and I get to go and report back. (Lainey)

– Allegedly, Britney is dragging her feet in terms of marrying Jason Trawick and I actually think that’s the smartest thing she’s done in ages, if true. She doesn’t need to get married again if she doesn’t want to, and that whole thing has kind of weirded me out ever since they transferred her father’s conservatorship of Britney’s personal life to Jason, like it’s the Middle Ages. (Celebitchy)